The male duckface is how one becomes the ‘Emperor of all Douchebags’ (30 Photos)

  • David Fenton

    nearly threw up looking at this i swear.

  • Anonymous

    number 6 on the left…. mic jagger?

  • Natalia37

    #12…cant decide who's worse…the douchebag or the total slob next to him

  • URGH!

    I hope they all take a long walk down the short pier!

  • Sam


  • MadMan66

    Still not as gay as Twilight…

  • dopetoaster

    boys who like boys

  • Psymon Gallows

    The only thing that can be said is at least #2 has a semi-respectable amount of money in his hand, and not $17

  • MyrtlebeachBop

    Number 5 is chubby

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  • mprladner88


  • jaycen

    open up dictionary for the word "dumb-ass loser" see pictures 1 to 30.

  • shawn

    complete douchebags… every single one of them

  • Anonymous

    #1 is he wearing lip gloss and why does he have bunk beds!!

  • Luke

    LMAO… #30 caught me off guard.

  • Boomdog02

    no doubt all from new jersey

  • Chantal82

    #1-30, this is why women date older more mature men. I’m sorry but men should be men, not make up wearing, fake tanning, pop collared, trend following pansies.

  • mildot3

    Jackasses! I bet all of them wear over-sized watches, get fake tans and jack off to japanamation! And suck dick!

  • archer

    #17 Sonic the Douche-hog

  • Aldir


  • Anonymous

    I hate all of them!!!!

  • Satan as

    fuckin kill all of them !

  • DarkAsdestiny

    are they real

  • Juli <3

    # 17 its sonic the douche hog!

  • Cooper

    Sometimes I like to look at galleries like this and imagine that I'm Supreme Ruler of the Universe and decide who lives and who dies.

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