There’s no cure for stupidity (33 photos)

  • Jess

    Why is it that Americans fail to understand socialism? Socialism is not evil, it's not a bad thing, and since we've established that capitalism only works for major corporations why not try something new? You know, maybe one of those systems they have in the countries with the world's best standards of living, education (free), healthcare (free) and very little corporate influence on the government? Yes you need money to run national health care and school systems, this money is available in tax form, and from a large degree, the taxes that major companies have not been paying. Socialism generally results in better management of the environment, less of a class divide (in that cost of education will not result in some students lacking, or getting sub-standard education), a healthier nation, less unemployment, and better living conditions. Occupy wall street is a protest against a system that allows companies who benefit from a poorer, less educated and less healthy general population to influence the government and major government decisions. The phrase "get a job" does not come into it and proves only ignorance. The foundation of the current economic downfall came about due to a country built on debt, and so eradicating debt is probably a good way forward. I am supportive of the occupy wall street movement, although not necessarily the gentleman in picture #24 as he too seems ignorant of the meaning of occupy wall street. Just as an attempt to dispel this 'dirty hippy' imagery of protesters i feel the need to state that I myself am a fully employed neuroscientist with two PHDs and no student loans.

    • bse35

      then go move to a socialistic country have fun.

    • CommunismFails178

      Because it worked so well for the USSR, and China? Get a clue! Socialism is a good idea, but it doesn’t work! Humans are driven by the desire to be better than someone else. When that drive is removed because everyone is “equal” and you are given what you need, people stop working! These “problems” you stated with capitalism are multiplied 10 fold in every major communist country ever in existance! In fact “Greed” is the reason communism fails! It makes an even greater difference in the classes, because the haves get to decide what the have nots have! At least with capitalism you get a chance to be a have! You wouldn’t even get a chance to voice your opinion in China, because you would be in jail! Don’t expect anything! Go earn it! That is what it means when we say “Get a Job!”

    • Anonymous

      Where does it work? As far as I know we have a pretty good life here in America. Socialism is responsible for 100 million murders in the last century. It does not work period, and it never will work. The end result is always poverty and oppression. Read a book please!!

  • Thor

    #7 Happy Derpday!!


    #25: The cops are good!!! I wonder how they managed to identify him………

  • Nicnac

    #2 Still not as gay as Twilight…

  • bse35

    her career depends on her flashing the crowd so they think she is having wardrobe malfunctions. So one day it will happen

    • waltgator

      yeah good point, I'll be waiting! hehe

  • Anonymous

    Research your political system of choice before trying to persuade others. Socialism is a flawed concept. Capitalism isn’t perfect, but as an economic system combined with a democratic republican form of representation it is the best option for success… hipster

  • oldernbolder

    #6 is kinda fun in that ironic way that I thought everyone appreciated. Plus, Ms. Curtis still has a great rack.

  • Oliver Vorian Wang

    I see equally-high-rated commenters badmouthing and personally insulting each other. Funny how this is another one of those kinds of topics where both sides assume the worst of each other. Just like Windows versus OSX. I thought chivers were intelligent people with the ability to logically and reasonably converse with each other?

  • somos

    I don't see here nothing stupid nor funny.

  • ChucklesTheClown

    #20 Yeah, It’s called Literacy.

  • ashley

    whatever, #21 is EPIC WIN 🙂

  • Ben Hughes

    #19 I think this guy took it too literally when he was told to put his money where his mouth is

  • DaveF

    #6 What? So she's talking to the Nationwide guy. What's stupid about that?

    And #25 if you're planning on spending a lot of time in prison, getting "fun" tatooed on your mouth…well I just hope you're fond of bratwurst.

  • Mr. Justice

    #25 Killed a Utah correctional officer guarding him while on a visit to a hospital for medical treatment. The officer was 60 years old, just months from retirement. (To be fair, he is "accused" of killing the officer, with his own gun. Still awaiting trial.)

  • Austen Yorko

    #24 is funny because there are no jobs thanks to the hiring freezes and account savings by the corporations.

  • Alex

    Missed a spot….

  • Natalia37

    #17 #19 #20 #23 #25
    you are the stereotype that continues to make people think you're useless and a waste of space…

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