2011 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show (40 Photos)

  • Dave

    Meh… I prefer sexy chivers! Keep the models, i like real women

  • CalAb13

    OK Im confused – I thought Victorias Secret made underwear and lingerie – cant imagine crawling into bed with most of these. End up poking an eye out

    Yours not hers

  • pk705

    What's with all the negativity? Let's face it, these women (for the exception of pic 29) are hot.

    For all trolls saying they need to eat a sandwich – why? mostly they're fit, healthy and sexy, they show no signs of having too little food. They just have a low level of body fat, as do most athletes, body builders, etc. Just because they're models, you lowlifes feel like it's ok to say they need to eat. Learn a little about metabolism and get a life.

    • Anonymous

      I totally agree. HOWEVER, they do still need to pound a few cheeseburgers or something because there is nothing to grab onto. I think most gents would agree. Too damn skinny. And i’m a personal trainer

    • ladyfriend

      Most of them are hot( wouldn't mind looking like a few) however there are a few that are very thin, on the verge of too thin. Fit is not avoiding food or water for 48 hrs before the show to prevent bloating, that is starving yourself.

  • Specks13

    All very attractive women, wish I could be with one, but I really think Lingerie models should have more curves, like Marisa Miller.

  • Dsp

    Chivers are hotter than this gibberish!

  • Don_Aguelo

    Do women really think this is sexy?

    I'd rather have a girl on a black thong and fishnets than all this crap up there.

  • VJ_1

    #16 Fuck you Orlando Bloom! That is all.

  • Guest

    #2o Olivia Wilde?

    • Guest

      #20 **

  • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002008586029 Riley Smith

    Who was on acid when they designed these costumes?? God they're horrible..

  • TripleE

    is it mind the gap day already?

  • oldblackdogs

    I'll take the Chivettes any day. Please get these women some sandwiches.

  • SaraIsPrincess1

    I'm sorry but do any of you males actually find #29 attractive? I think she's frighteningly skinny. :/

  • Bob

    #40 time for a sexy party……………………….

  • Anonymous

    Whoa, #2, is that a lip-slip I see???????and 29 Camel toe-age? Really?

  • jbotas


    Go eat a buger

  • headless

    I don't understand the outfits. They arent really cute or sexy.

    Last night i made the mistake of eating a turkey burger while looking through a VS catalog, my poor boyfriend didn't get any sexy pictures that night or any sext.

  • Alex

    Dear Santa,

    I'll take all of the above.


  • AdamRich81

    ugh-why did I click on this? Bring me sexy chivers plz~!

  • OhReally?

    someone gets some sammiches for these ladies… oh the potential

  • teight

    they should change the name of Victoria's Secret to The Gap

  • Paul_Rock_City


  • Paul_Rock_City


  • ema

    #29 these are the creepiest hips i have ever seen, how is this sexy?

  • thesauceboss

    – #31 that's my baby.

  • drew

    what's the point of this post full of sexy women when the picture quality sucks balls??? not to mention wtf were some of these girls wearing??? OUR CHIVETTES ARE WAY BETTER! B)

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