2011 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show (40 Photos)

  • LoupFer

    Meh! DAR has better!

  • RiddleMeDead

    I feel like I should eat something….Or throw up.

  • Jp

    #29 eewww

  • Aussie

    #14 #16. Go Australia! Bring on a “Sexy Australians of the week.”

  • Aussie

    #14 #16. Go Australia! Bring on a "Sexy Australians of the week."

  • 4acesusaf

    Not one single ass shot? FAIL!

  • ladyfriend

    So looking at this makes me feel like I should stop eating for about 1 week….how is that right?text right here!javascript:%20voteComment(222326034,%201)So

  • troy

    #14 miranda kerr what a stunning aussie..great outfit too wish i found that oyster pearl

  • http://www.facebook.com/mengler2 Mike Engler

    what is it?

  • Crazycanuck

    #29 = disgusting…Eat some food before you die!!

  • Sport Royal

    #1-40 Dat everything.

  • Anonymous

    There is nothing sexy about these girls chive. You should start your own model show, or raise money to feed these malnurished women who think they are sexy with their bones all sticking out and stuff

  • Da Sandman

    #29 she has no flesh on her bones..

  • Anonymous

    I think some of the fat girls who posted just need to diet more and have more self control. These women look amazing

  • Anonymous

    Although most of these women are very pretty in the face, they’re just too thin for my taste. I mean one of the lady’s underwear area was just plain scary looking! I may be in the minority, but please don’t starve yourself on my account. I like a woman with a little more meat on their bones than this lot.

  • Anonymous

    What are you guys saying these chicks are sexy as hell…

  • Megan

    MOAR Adrianna Lima!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    a chivette

  • Guest

    Did anyone else notice that almost every gals legs were photoshopped?? Horribly might I add..

  • Herod

    Are those the evil sorceress-type-of-opponent from the upcoming Final Fantasy game?

  • Polonuts

    … And not a single sandwich was eaten that day.

  • mr225

    For the people who think they missed the show,you didn't, it does not air until November 29th. And everyone seems to be hating on poor Karlie Kloss(#29) she should just stick to high fashion runways. IDK who thought she would be a good replacement for Rosie Huntington-Whiteley :/

  • chongmiester

    ..didn't know there was an asian angel..herrooo moarrr asian please..no tricks this time chive..

  • Jonny

    These chicks are beautiful but they need to gain 20 pounds then they'll be perfect.

  • Dan

    Chivettes beat these chicks any day!

  • Anonymous

    Chivettes wearing vickys secret Duh! Let’s go chive! My second home now , make it happen… winky face!

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