Daily Morning Awesomeness (25 Photos)

  • corey

    24 definitely

    • Crayfish

      was it that hard to post a pic right.

      • http://www.myspace.com/theamericanmaniacs BentWrenches

        Even worse are the one's bought from the police auction that retain the push bumper,spotlight,and paint scheme.

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000036746346 Cody Symes

          Even worse when the Public Works uses them and they still have lights on top and labels on the sides.

    • Beep

      Nothing says Fascism more than a nice Crown Vic. LOL

  • mikey


  • http://www.spachethespatula.com/ Rachael

    #20 Simply gorgeous

    • guielmo

      Plitvice lakes – Croatia – Europe ( my home =) )

      • http://www.spachethespatula.com/ Rachael

        It looks absolutely lovely- saved in the memory banks for future daydreams :]

        • Perry

          If that's really you in your profile picture then I agree

          • NoFap


      • SwingoutScott

        Thank you!

  • Screwhead317

    #17 Baseball, Basketball, and Football players make so much money. This guy does a trick like that…wheres his 10 million at?

    • blub_glub

      All the ball-players make more money because they bring in much larger crowds than the x-games. They also have Pro-Line bets and massive funds from various sponsors. Where as those guys ^^ – their best bet for a "huge" sponsorship are energy drinks, and clothing companies (Nike being its largest). Sad, but true.

      • McBeastie

        Hey. Tony Hawk got Totino's Pizza Rolls…so, you know….there's that.

    • Dash Riprock

      "Tricks" are lame and are entertaining only once, at best. "Hey, look at me! I'm going to take my (bike, skateboard, motorcycle, snowboard (choose one)) and (jump this ramp, do a flip in this half pipe (choose one)). Boring.

      • wow

        i bet the only "trick" you can do is make a gallon of rocky road disappear while clickety-clicking your dirty troll keyboard. The time and effort these ATHLETES put in to their "tricks" is something you will never know. suck my balls Dash

        • Bwow

          they put time into that shit?!

          • turd mcgoo

            oh and effort?! no way?!

            • hobo with a shotgun

              LOL @ fat peple.

    • Groggy

      None of them deserve to be making that much money. Hate to sound cliche, but teachers barely making enough to get by while I read about athletes bitching about their contract and making "only" $600,000 a season annoys me.

      And it is the bitching that annoys me. I understand that they get those salaries because their employers can afford to pay them, and schools and teachers are in a completely different financial scheme. But every time I hear the bitching, I want to slap their stupid face in the hopes that it will dawn on them that they make PLENTY.

      Sorry, I'm off topic. I can't remember what kind of post this is, so: Boobs. Beer. Bacon. "Hi Chive!" There, covered.

      • Screwhead317

        Out of all the people under paid you say teachers? What about doctors? Most teachers really dont care…fact.

    • Canadupe

      He spent the 10 mil on the hospital bill incurred the first 5 times he tried it.

  • 6655321

    #4 Sexy.

    • Xzibit

      Yo, Dawg. We heard you like pie and venn diagrams…

  • JAFitC

    #7. Rode hard, put away wet.

    • Nathanial Hörnblowér

      Clay, it is time to pass the gavel….

  • sick tunes

    Why is the Indian man acting as if he is a spare tire?

    • ThatGuy

      U.S. tire makers have outsourced.

    • ThatGuy


  • Will

    Must find funds for #25

    • Z_b

    • FreshChives

      Pretty sure Bert conquered that shit at some point

      • Leete1

        He did Episode 1 in Utah! Awesome!

    • Sal

      Steal telephone poles!!!

  • WhoDat?!

    #11 "Leave me alone i've got the munchies!"

  • VanIsleChiver

    #24 me no get

    • JizzMarkie

      It is very similar to the majority of vehicles that most law enforcement officers operate and drive around in.

      • bwaggger

        There can't be that many Heisenbergs on theChive can there?

    • Geoff

      #24 is a Crown Victoria. -__- Commonly used as cop cars. Do you go outside?

      • JAS

        to be fair, he may not get it because he may not be from America.

        My buddy got a crown vic that was a decommissioned cop car, and loves just driving it around and bothering people because it's still black and white.

        • jesse

          driving a car like this in Texas and saw a guy drop off a prostitute so we swung round and started following him. He freaked out and ran a red to get away from us. Funny times.

          • ChaseTheWalker

            Yea good idea… cause people don't ever try to kill cops.

        • Cop

          If he is not from America, then he should watch more american movies.

      • Marine Dad

        In Texas the tags are not always marked exempt either, look at the wheels. My company owns one of these, I love to drive it. And yes I might be the asshole behind you or not………..

        • http://www.facebook.com/alexanax Alex Ash

          The only way to really tell is to look and see if there are dashboard lights or rear window lights…either way, it causes me to slam on my breaks…most of the time it's old cop cars someone bought from a police auction

  • Damien

    #24 I swerve towards you on purpose.

  • That'sRight.

    #18 so this is med school?

    • Fawx

      This looks like a normal exam to me, except they are outside…….. I don't get it.

    • Uhh yeah

      Seems like it would stop copying but make cheating easier cuz the teacher could hardly see you

  • FloppyRocks

    #4 Pie^2

    • Sangimil

      Actually it is 2*Pie

      • Underbaker

        Actually I think the pies tried to divide by 0.

      • JHL1

        You downthumbers are dumb. Sangimil is correct.

    • Col. Mustard

      It is a venn PIEagram. (I am the worst kind of person)

  • Monkey.

    #19 Fuck bitches, get bananas

  • Robozombiejesus

    #4 Venn Pie-agram

    • spokeydokey

      A pie within a pie? Pie-ception.

      • The_Dood

        Yo dawg, we heard you like pies…

  • Nanook

    #17 Amazing. I just want to know how you practice that.

    • MattKL

      Undoubtedly it requires a current will.

      • The_Dood

        And a foam pit…

        • Crayfish

          and balls of steel

    • Sangimil

      It must not be too hard for him…

      With balls that big it is just a matter of getting them to the right momentum to spin like that.

      • singsing

        well can't be that big otherwise the bike would catch on them when he swung it roound

        • Justin

          Gyro-balls good sir, gyro balls

  • Joe

    #13 "Meh…. just walking my boat…"

    • Vanilla Gorilla

      The definition of "forever alone"

  • blub_glub

    #8 other moochers; take note.

    • ddd

      til other moochers grab can and money

    • ThatGuy

      I do this

    • Crayfish

      hey free money and a drink, fantastic!

    • Mr. B

      Still, stop being a lazy asshole and get your own!

  • MattKL

    #16 Very true. We all could use some more of that I think.

    #20 Beautiful. I need to go there.

    • huh?

      #16 not true… the earth is a giant rock, rocks aren't alive and therefore is NOT organic

      • wha?

        so rocks are manmade then?

        • huh?

          god I hate internet tards

          • huh's mom

            Don't be so hard on yourself, sweatheart.

      • Green Mountain Bot

        Not to mention that we're apes, not monkeys. Monkeys have tails. Apes, including humans, do not.

      • dickfart jones

        I think you're taking things too seriously…

  • Catence

    #6 – dear lord, isn't that the truth.

    • Allie H

      This plus #10 just made my day…

    • ThatGuy

      Try living within your means asshole, then student loans go away real fast. But no, idiots like have to drive themselves into debt and then act like the system is screwing them over. Its not the corporations that destroyed the economy its people like you.

      • McBeastie

        Calm down dude. Student loans suck…it's not that controversial of a statement. Just because we say that doesn't mean we're protesting on wall street. And really, you're last statement is plain idiotic because students with loans didn't cause the housing market to crash or Lehman Brothers to go bankrupt. Jeez.

        • the other Jen

          can everyone STFU about this OWS shit? godamnit, this is thechive! FUCK!

          • Greg

            Especially since most of the morons on this site haven't even taken the time to understand what it's all about.

            • Juan

              some of the morons at the occupy sites don't even understand what it's all about

              • Vanilla Gorilla

                Is it just me or does Catence look pretty fucking hot?

    • Jinggneiou

      scumbag chive: complains justin bieber wont' go away, constantly posts his picture.

  • http://gravatar.com/imphamus p

    #24 only if they have the spotlights above the side mirrors too. Then it’s just ridiculous

  • DanielB

    #15 i would so buy this guy a beer

    • CrackedArtiste

      and he will take you to his car to show you a true american time

  • JizzMarkie

    #5 Look at all these FUCKS I don't give!!!

    • bollyver

      Find them both.

    • Jules-CO

      Apples to Apples is a great game:)

    • northerner

      nice pair of legs in those mesh stockings, too bad she's hidden behind the blond. Both look promising. Yes, find them both…

    • Vanilla Gorilla

      What do ya mean? Bitches love 52 pick up!

  • http://www.tube8.com SimonPhoenix

    So .. what is the point behind #24?

    • http://www.facebook.com/MisterMcGiggles Mark McGinnis

      Well it's a widely accepted opinion that the crown victoria and other similar style vehicles are what people who are just learning to drive typically use, so when you see one, you pretty much know you're going to get stuck behind it. Pretty sure, brah.

      • Geoff

        Don't listen to this guy^ #24 is a Crown Victoria, and it's used a lot by policemen as cop cars.

      • G Monie

        Pretty sure he's just trolling. I approve of this post!

    • dangle

      you're either po po or you got that shit at an auction.

      • Justin

        or an old person

    • Crayfish

      it's a standard police car, person does not like the police, unless they are doing their job when he needs them to do something

      • McBeastie

        You're reading too much into that. Everyone gets tense when a Crown Vic pulls up behind you…it's human nature, even when you know you are driving the speed limit.

    • Brad

      the fact is that police agencies sell surplus crown vic's cheap, so there a lot of crazy people driving stripped down cops cars that you wouldn't expect, like 18 yr old black kids and 400 lb women…

  • cockpuncher

    #18 fucking nailed it!

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