Daily Morning Awesomeness (25 Photos)

  • Gee 2

    #16 Ain't that the truth!

    • Crayfish

      No, we are on a disc on the back of a giant turtle

      • Innocent Bystander

        Terry Pratchett or Hindu?

  • Danarchy

    Today's post was the best post in Chive history because of the OZ meme. Yes that beats all the laughs and all the humps.

    • Crayfish

      beats all the humps….
      Sir I am going to have to request you hand over your man card now, the removal men will arrive later on in the week to take your manhood.

  • who knew

    #10 Kids have been doing stupid stuff like this for years, just didn't have cell phones and camera's all the time to document it.

    Not as likely to lose one if the trap was rectangular instead of round.

  • Seldi84

    #16 I never saw it like that before. Thanks Chive.

  • rae

    I drive that car but mines a 94 and i have the spot light… be jelly

  • bmw11585

    #16 I on the other hand am not a talking monkey. You might be though if you believe so.

    • ApeShit

      Actually, you're an intellegent ape, not a monkey. It's true, whether or not you wish to believe it.

  • Verbal_Kint

    #4 For everything else, there's master-pie.

  • bunedoggle

    #17 Game over, you win.

  • Chris

    Is the professor in #6 Tom Hanks? Just Sayin…

    • Crayfish

      doesn't look anything like tom hanks

      not sure if you even know who tom hanks is

  • bse35

    #11 why not mom you do it!

  • bless1


  • CalAb13

    #24 Saw one pulled over by a real Police car the other day

    I laughed

  • Leete1

    #25 Utah for the win! See Bert the Conqueror episode 1.

  • Geaux Tigers

    Drove 14 hours home yesterday, passed more of these assholes than I did actual cops. My brakes saw more foot-time than my Gas pedal!

  • Mace

    All up in your fridge eatin' all your foods

  • KorovaMilkBar

    Still raping people left and right.

  • Markus


    Amen to that! always think it is a cop car and have to hide the bud!

  • Bob

    #8…Paying automatically denounces the title of Moocher. Stupid.

  • Rod

    #3 'Pan! Fuck yeah!

  • lolz

    #16 haha that just made my day

  • MR Wilson

    # 5

    Helen Keller,

    Instant Win!

  • Bob

    #24 meh, Peugot 207 is nicer

  • theMess1ah10

    #17 That's sick!

  • the king

    #21 – Hell Yes the Sharks Rule!

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