Get low, get dirty and have yourself a good time (29 Photos)

A Chiver sent this to me and said it’s perfect for Low down dirty good time. It’s slightly NSFW. It’s fully fuckin’ bat-shit crazy. You’ve been warned

  • Justin

    It was only time until Duck Sauce and electro invaded TheChive

  • drew

    seriously wtf was that video??? lol………………………. i have the weirdest boner right now.

  • ChaseTheWalker

    What in the hell did I just watch?!

  • treneuf


  • Jmack

    This made me sad

  • skuz

    #14 they need a better car in that picture something classic for really anything with a v8, then it will truely be a proper picture

  • David Phillips

    #29 I lol'd hard

  • LoupFer

    #2 The only good thing about the kwacha is that you can make not much look like lots.

  • faptastic

    even with a full head of hair, that other dude seriously needs to manscape that shit

  • PTgoBoom!

    The big bad wolf? No f'ing kidding! That was nuckin' futs!

  • freshfraser

    I want another album of first world problems, those made me laugh so hard.

  • Jay

    What movie is #19 from?

  • Miso

    oh god… (@video at end)

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