• rrr

    first mother bitches

    • aaa

      I will apply this to your mother's lady parts creating a vagina paradox. She will forever be wet whilst "shooting it off" simultaneously

      • Dr. Hfuhruhurr

        Dont know what you mean aaa, but it sounds funny

  • mross03


    • Apocalypse_Now

      can't you read? there's a mother bitch before you..

  • Sebbykidda

    where the fuck can i buy this

    • el guerdo

      Intentions for a spray on love glove ?

      • http://www.tube8.com SimonPhoenix

        NOpe for my fleshlight!

    • Stubby25

      From the neverwet site – "We expect to have retail spray can products available by mid 2012."

      • paranoid villian

        ….causing the end of the world o.0

  • thepoopsmith

    i never need to wash my clothes again!

    • http://twitter.com/NoisyHerald @NoisyHerald

      You never CAN wash your clothes again!

      • thepoopsmith

        thumbs up for you

    • Wimair

      no, you never can wash them again 😉

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=549765303 Peter Dexter

        really, 3 hours after the exact same thing was said……………….

  • http://thechive.com/ GernBlansten

    I plan to only use this for evil.

    • Underbaker

      So if you drink this stuff would you then die of dehydration?

      • Astiahl

        Think Propulsion Gel from Portal 2 before they stopped using as a diet aid…

  • doogie

    i will take a case of that. please please please link to that stuff

    • Guest

      Soon. "Please note that our NeverWet products are NOT available for Consumers as a Retail product at this time. We expect to have retail spray can products available by mid 2012." http://www.neverwet.com/contact-us.php

      • http://www.actionfiguretherapy.com SimonPhoenix

        Cool, thanks!

  • naaw

    he's a witch!!!

    • ROK247

      burrrn him!

      • Marvin

        I'm Not a Witch

        • valerie

          i'm not a witch i'm your wife!

    • http://www.TheChive.com Drewcifer

      I laughed harder at that than perhaps I should have… he must be burned! o/

    • http://www.tube8.com HP's_Taint_muscle



    • levi

      He turned me into a newt! I got better

    • Sir Bedevere

      There are ways of telling whether he is a witch.

  • Pete_Rock


  • Ben

    how will you wash the sweat out of your clothes? must stink after a while.

    • EllenD

      sweat wont stick….

    • G_Funkatron

      Your sweat will never get on them? Preserving them for all time? It's pretty much like liquid carbonite.

    • Adam

      the sweat won't get into your clothes in the first place, stupid!

      • ROK247

        sweat goes shooting out of your armholes and onto unsuspecting passersby?

        • Billy

          fuck that's funny

        • doogie

          like those axe commercials?

    • blahblah

      ur an idiot

    • Marc

      how will you WASH your clothes???

    • hyperferrianism

      Dry clean

    • Jack_LeMac

      It'll just drip onto the ground, making it look like you've got a rainstorm on your insides

      • drew


  • Alperen

    Need it now.

  • SenatorBurns!

    sooo many potential uses…

  • 757keydet


    • Dole B

      It's poetry in motion

    • dorkfish

      Weird Science

    • Buster Cherry

      Good Heavens Miss Nakimoto, you're beautiful!!

    • Billy

      You can't explain that…………

  • Verbal_Kint

    Damn, at $4/gal in gas and a 75 gallon tank, i need to spray the bottom of my boat with that shit…

    • Sebbykidda

      problem there is that your boat wont stop it will continue to skid so its not exactly fool proof

      • Shaun White

        YOUR an idiot……..

        • Rick


          • Mr. H

            hahah yeah, he is…wait….

    • thedude325


  • Biggus Diccus

    I need this to guard my keyboard from jizz

    • Lauren's Dom

      I was just thinkin' women's makeup with this in it would spoil many happy endings…

      • Tavalalli Squared

        Hmmm. I'm not sure what to think about Chivers…
        The post above talks about jacking off on your keyboard get's thumbs up,
        but the one about jizzin' on a woman's face gets thumbs down…
        either there are many more women on here…
        we've got some dudes who don't know WHERE the preferable place to do your business is…

  • Bon_nie

    That's some cool shit right there!

  • The_Stif

    Mind fucking Blown.

  • Jordan

    Women should put this in there vaginas so they dont get pregnant.. Just saying..

    • Leeks

      I'm pretty sure I don't want anything to do with a super hydrophobic vagina.

      • Master_Rahl

        sounds like a sand trap waiting to happen. I agree, not awesome.

  • G_Funkatron

    I will never have to do dishes again.

    • Nonsense Inc

      What do you think is gonna happen when you try to drink a beer on a glass coated with this stuff?

      • Underbaker

        It will be ok, because your clothes will be coated too and it will just run right off.

  • Larry

    Cool so when it rains there's no need for a raincoat or umbrella

    • etcrr

      What? you're going to spray your head?

    • Jack_LeMac

      Ducks have secretly had this stuff for years

  • Gabe

    From the company's site "Please note that our NeverWet products are NOT available for Consumers as a Retail product at this time. We expect to have retail spray can products available by mid 2012."

    • John

      Well dang. o.0

    • YoMa


  • thor


    • SamIAm84

      Like 20th

  • misschris

    You can't explain that!

    • Z_b


    • Daemon

      Science! The real world is almost as cool as a sci-fi book/show sometimes.

    • 2pumpdump

      not to a woman, you can't.

  • guy

    bactirea does not grow on dry surfaces? will this cure my crotch rot?

    • Nishtai

      I seriously doubt your crotch is dry. Wouldn't have rotten in the first place

      • bridgemaster

        thus the potential use of this product as a cure.. wet = rot, wet + product = dry/cured

        • Nishtai

          The thing is, this product doesn't cure rot. It may prevent it, but once ur dick's a zombie, ur done

  • bridgemaster

    if you coat the inside of a bowl with this what happens when you fill it with soup?

    • dave

      the soup will levitate

    • Yessirr

      The planet implodes.

      • Lisa

        along with my brain

    • Justin

      Black hole is created – f*cking duh…

    • Jjbrookes
    • Jack

      the world ends … please wait until 2012

  • Nobody

    So if I spray this stuff all over a guy just as he dives into a pool, will it still make a splash or will he crash into the pool floor?

    • Bill Nye

      The possibles are endless with experiments!

    • doogie

      theoretically it would drastically decrease your drag coefficient and allow you to swim/move threw the water faster. they use less effective films on the bottom of water skis some times to allow lower frictions and increase the theoretical speed. so in conclusion the Olympics will have to check for this sht as a performance enhancing substances,

    • John

      Problem is… a) how would you wash it off? b) would it keep sweat INSIDE your body, thus not allowing you to cool off and remove impurities from your body? c) would option "b" cause you to die, as in Goldfinger?

      Things to think about…

      • Chan

        Why would you spray it on yourself?

    • Willnot Give


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