• Underbaker

    So if you put it on your bed and sweat in your sleep do you just slide right off the bed?

    • doogie

      sure if you sweated enough to generate a liquid film covering the whole bed and were on an incline.

      • Underbaker

        Well it was more of a joking question, but all you would need is a thin film of sweat on yourself and then the slight momentum of turning over should then carry you off the bed. (Having a flashback to that Super Bowl commercial a couple years ago with the guy sliding right off the bed and out the window)

  • Anonymous

    Scotchguard on steroids

  • GREeddy

    DON'T spray on vagina

  • Dylis

    I want that shit for my shoes, that would be dope!!!

    • doogie

      i could finally wear whit shoes if i had this stuff.

  • Salute My Shorts

    You can finally step on black guys' shoes without them wanting to beat your ass

    • doogie


  • dude

    if you coat a urinal with it will the piss shoot back at you?

    • doogie

      its not armor, it does not reflect it simply increases surface tension and would cause the piss to bead and move more rapidly down the drain. so ideally you would coat your drains for clog free operation.

  • Final

    My white T shirts are finally SAFE!

  • moonshot

    This could be the best condom ever!

  • theDnice

    If this stuff gets in the environment or our bodies we are gonna be fudged. Out in 2012 you say.?.?.?.?.?

  • Jim

    No more tears on my pillow at night!

  • Anonymous

    Don’t drink it. You wil drool all day.

  • Marc

    i need to spray this on my stain attracting ties

  • IamwhoIam


  • supernips

    ..and then umbrellas went extinct

  • alexandercros

    the awkward moment when you want to skip 5-7 years and have one of this

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000084830389 Ben Werner

    Too cool!

  • AlexJ225

    the chocolate syrup part looks pretty cool

  • StrikingSammy

    How is this awesome?…No more wet t-shirts 😦

  • GlibTongue

    Problem with any 'sealant' is that not only can moisture not get in…but usually it cannot get out.

    The material of shoes is meant to 'breathe' generally, so that the moisture trapped inside which is created by the warmth of your foot/sock/shoe insulation, can get out
    through the air.

    It's a great idea, but I can see some foot fungus problems for people that would wear their shoes for an extended period of time.

  • MattKL

    This is every parent's dream.

  • drew


  • torc

    what happens on the bottom of a boat?

  • Anonymous

    Yes no more sweaty balls

  • Hotsauce101

    This will revolutionize make-up for Porn Stars…

  • http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=FL1ygFHhz8lZUjMBVsYHEVXA Lyrmat

    Ross Nanotechnology’s going to have some deep problems when Chuck Norris will see that they stole it from his bathroom.

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