• bwaggger

    I'm hungover, at work after an all nighter. And i had to watch this. Now my head is going to explode!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Unbelievable, these mind blowing posts are many of our favorite posts… (only second to the chivettes of coarse!) thanks for posting them, you should post more/send me a chive shirt 😉 -erin ❤

  • freshfraser

    Holy Tyrannosaurus Shit

  • Mother Bitch

    I bet it has Perfluorooctanesulfonic acid in it, or something similar. You DO NOT Want this near you!

  • tgm

    Supaguard, this has been available for ages!

  • rugbetgh
  • Thomas

    Notice how all the stuff he puts it on is white in colour? That's because it probably stains anything else.

  • Suri

    It causes cancer.

  • chiver one

    And anal seep-age……

  • sugarpantsdd

    But how does this work when I ….. you know….. FINE! Jerk off?

  • sugarpantsdd

    Can people, for the love of god, GET TO KNOW how to use the words THERE, THEIR, THEY'RE….. ETC>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> FUUUUCCCKKK!!!!!!

  • Da Sandman

    damn it, you beat me to it! 😀

  • john stamos

    i need this shit for my toilet seat because i can't help but piss all over it every time, first world problem

  • Marty


  • Sam

    How do I add to my cart?

  • Chan

    I worked at a clothing store 5 years ago that also sold linens. The table clothes and table mats were coated with the same kind of stuff. Water rolled right off of them and you could just rinse other things like icecream off. That stuff is better though, the chocolate syrup on the shoe is amazing!

  • brandnew88

    What kind of sorcery is this?

  • Tom

    What if you paint the bottom and walls of a pool and fill it? Will the water levitate??!!!

  • bse35

    I can think of a lot of things to use this on, way cool

  • Anonymous

    Dubai, UAE

    reminds me of Rain-X for windshields

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