• http://www.facebook.com/tucker.pfeil Tucker Ray Pfeil

    That. Was. Epic.

    • captain obvious

      where's the benny hill theme ?! chase scene + benny hill theme = funny

  • OoieGooie

    Not a fan, but that was cool.

  • Ben4theWin

    That's freaking crazy

  • Crushum


  • That'sRacist!

    He used the "WaterBoy approach" and pretended everyone else was the police.

  • baam


  • blub_glub

    i don't speak football, but that's wicked

  • Anonymous

    Woooo pig soooie I love my razorbacks. I was at the game and it was awesome

  • http://twitter.com/robpayneistall @robpayneistall

    Woo. Pig. Sooie. Top two SportsCenter plays of the week went to the Hogs this week!!

  • DanielB

    That was almost as cool as real football

    • dude


    • frankysins

      except it is real football, not that soccer shit

  • lou sassle

    What was that black guy taking off his sweatshirt about to do?

    • Geoff

      I dont think we want to know. Hoodie off = BuckWild!

    • Probably

      Give it to a poor homeless child.

  • Rufio07

    I wish i was black

    • G Monie

      My penis wishes I was black…

  • Sareon

    I was there for that, it was freaking awesome!

  • kenDOLL94

    ruby but with armor

    • Anndddyyyyy

      I'd guess that you don't know much about either sport. Comparing the two is completely arbitrary.

      • 16inchzipper

        Especially the spelling, I guess.

    • frankysins

      not even close

  • Warchylde

    Anyone know what the tune in the background is called?

  • Kenny Powers

    Nice block at 00:29

  • timmay


    • Matt

      Go hogs! bring on LSU

  • Malkintosh22

    If that's not NFL worthy, I don't know what is.

  • BigBoyWords

    Of course it was 'mind blowing'. Anything slightly cool gets the 'mind-blown' title from you guys. You know that line, 'When everyone's special, no one is.'? It fits here too. When every post is mind-blowing, none of them are.

    • TiminPhx

      Why don't you go pick some fly shit out of a pound of pepper.

      That was a great punt runt return. You know what a punt is, don't you? It's real close to the word a lot of people call you, due to your sucky attitude.

  • Brosef Yosef

    BigBoyWords rode the short bus with a stick up his ass. That's some badass play right there sidestepping, stiffarming, and slipping near dead-to-rights tackles. Still, lets see someone try that on the rugby pitch and walk away with all of his teeth.

    • BigBoyWords

      Awwww, you disagree with what I said so you must think I'm either retarded or in a bad mood (in this case, both). It's endearing, actually. No, you miss my point. Nowhere in the post did I say that any of the video sucked- wait, let me check again… nope, nothing. It is a great run, but is it 'mind-blowing'? No. All I am pointing out is the overused expression of 'mind-blowing' on this site, that's all. I'm sorry if you disagree, but I'm right.

      In b4 tl;dr

    • BigBoyWords

      Buncha butt-hurt fanboys. It's ok. I'm right.

  • joel


  • Infantry Johnson

    WPS!!! Hell yeah, shoulda put up That catch from Jarius Wright too.

    • Matt

      Yes that catch was crazy too!

  • etcrr

    now that guy is part lucky, part slippery and fast as hell

  • Corrections

    That is a stupid punt return, it's only amazing that he didn't get tackled and lost yards from when he caught the ball. I would call that a lucky punt return. That doesn't fly in the NFL.

    • BigBoyWords

      Yeah it does.

    • Hard to be humble

      The only problem with that is, Adams has done that on more than one team. And sometimes, twice in one game. I guess he must be really really really lucky…

    • SaveFerris

      It totally happens in the NFL, just look up any of Dante Hall's put returns from a few years back

    • HUH?

      thats just plain old bad tackling.

  • Orcorc

    Tennessee is just that bad.

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