• twobulls

    Thanks guys – I really needed to relive that moment again.


    • Stly

      The only thing this proves is that the Vols special teams couldn't tackle my grandma if she stole all their beer!

    • ComeAtMeBro

      Yeah, same here. GO VOLS!

    • s12

      Show me another team that has a winning season after three coaches in 3 years. Next year boys… or after. 😛

  • WPS

    Seeing that live was the highlight of my weekend. Our plan needs to be to get it to the special teams as much as possible.

    • Matt

      Awesome game to be at! I was there too.

  • Phil

    Bah – that wasn’t a great punt return, that was sloppy tackling on the part of the Tennessee defense.

    • Zach

      Your remark is half true.

  • Maytrix

    I guess I disagree with nearly everyone above except for Corrections.

    Dumb luck is all that was. 99% of the time he would have lost yards, but apparently the other team didn't know how to follow through with a tackle. I may be able to give him credit for the last little bit as he made some ok moves, but the first part was just lucky or more likely ineffectiveness of the other team.

  • bse35

    Crushed it!

  • garrett

    GO HOGS. LSU is going down. joe adams was all like 'hold my dick!!'

    • Zach

      I don't know what that last part means. WPS

  • CalAb13

    Fantastic! Heard about it but never got around to hunting it down.

    Thanks Chive!

  • Matt

    Nice to see the Hogs on the Chive!! This was a fun game to watch. Now we just need to be ready for LSU

  • seth

    WPS! Joe caught a pass from my friend in high school.. granted it was an interception and he ran it back for a touchdown, but still.

  • Anonymous

    He’ll be playing at the next level!

  • The Dude

    Tennessee Sucks

  • Tc 2797

    The way he put the ball down…AWESOME!!!

  • http://twitter.com/ashleypaige @ashleypaige

    Pig sooie, bitch.

  • the real deal

    i was at the game and it was even more amazing in person best punt return in history! go hogs

  • ruppert

    challenge accepted

  • Sorry guys

    That was less an amazing return, and more terrible defense.

  • http://thechive.com 5knuckleshuffle

    Go PSU! Lol

  • sam

    go dawgs!! yeew!!

  • mojo420jojo

    For some reason while watching this I imagined him being the greased up deaf guy screaming “your never gonna catch me!”

  • Da Sandman

    what a bunch of losers

  • Shaker

    that was luck, the guy was doing everything wrong. He'll stay a nobody because you can't get away with that in the big league

  • chc

    Chivers of Arkansas, Unite!

  • Anonymous

    Try that against LSU!!

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