Maybe the NBA could learn something from this coach (17 Photos)

  • Rachel

    I ‘collect’ information in my head on octebjs by looking at photo references or observing real octebjs. I prefer observational, especially when I can pick something up and turn it around. For photos I prefer a 3/4 view if I can’t get several angles or a video. From there I can build a 3-D image in my head that I’ll distort or change to fit what I want to draw. In my case, I don’t really need a reference photo for most of what I do, so I look them up very rarely. Many of the other artists I know like to collect references and use them quite a lot in their work (though it does bring up a question at parties on why someone has a bunch of dead birds in the freezer).One of my teachers once gave my class a cheap take-out carton (seen in stereotypical Chinese food places) and told us to learn every feature on the box until we could draw it in our sleep. Then we were required to do a drawing of it with one imaginary/fantasy element. Mine was of an octopus opening the container to find a human inside, while a friend’s was of the carton with its flaps out, landing on an airstrip.

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