Now that is one epic pool (16 Photos)

  • Andrea

    The Hill Country makes theChive! Sweet! Lived in Austin for 8 years, Hamilton Pool is one of my favorite places to go in the summer. If you think the pictures are awesome, visit it in person, absolutely stunning.

    • Chris

      Ahhh I just got a job offer in Austin yesterday! This will definitely be on my list of places to go to!

  • GernBlansten

    I wish to conceive my next offspring there.

  • anon

    #5 All the idiots on plastic rafts kind of kill the serenity

  • notrealtoosureyet


  • Los

    Home sweet home! Wish I would have thought to submit my photos of this place

  • brandon

    snakes anyone?

  • Stern281

    Man, I haven't been up there in years. I love that place. I'm sure the water level has been pretty low with the recent drought. Gotta love the Texas Hill Country.

  • will

    Ain't it great to be alive in Austin, TX

  • Reid

    Hey…I live 5 miles down the road from H.P.

  • CalAb13

    #12 So in a way its kinda like the Grotto at the Playboy Mansion without all the STDs and Legionnaires' disease 😉

  • rodney smith

    I live right by Hamilton Pool. It's cool unless it's white trash day.

  • SimonPhoenix

    WOW! #4looks like a painting.

    Absolutely amazing, Mother Nature still schooling humans how to make jaw dropping landscapes!


    Life long Austin resident. Although they must have spent a couple of hours cleaning all the beer cans up pre shoot, it is just one of the amazing places that make Austin unique. At least one or two people die or are seriously injured every year trying to dive in.

  • etcrr

    totally amazing what thousands of years with help of errosion earth quakes and rains will do to make beautifullandscapes

  • DJR8D

    So like…. What’s stopping it from caving in?

  • Grant

    Was born and raised in Austin, TX. unfortunately i live near NYC now but what i would give to go back to the Texas Hill Country…one of the most beautiful places on Earth

  • Jordan

    I work about 2 minutes from this place. It's a really nice place, but the photographer did a really good job making it seem prettier than it really is.

  • Patrick

    it's a result of karst hydrogeology, where limestone and dolomite are constantly eroded by carbonic acid…google karst and you'll found some crazy stuff

  • PhayzR

    This is one of the reasons i LOVE living in Austin!

  • bwaggger

    Now that's 1 thing I like from Texas. ZING!!!!!!!

  • Will

    Awsome place yall! Nice to see a home town swimming hole on The Chive. Good Thing they dont let that many people in at a time. Have a parknig lot when it is full people have to wait for somebody to leave. Keep Austin Weirdererer!!!

  • SAM

    I grew up down the street from this place. I spent a lot of time here every summer. It's Amazing.

  • John

    maybe 25 minutes from my front door. had many a good time there. good job chive. you can all go to hell, i'm going to texas.

  • Dave Wilson

    Thanks for liking my image (#4) enough to put it on your site. The license for this image allows free non-commercial use as long as you provide a photographer credit. You have this image on a commercial site with no credit so you are breaking the license in two ways. I would be happy to license this image to you for use on this site. Alternatively, you may remove it from the site. Thanks.

    Dave Wilson

  • Mike

    This looks a lot like they shot a scene in the last Predators movie here…..

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