The CGT wasn’t wrecked enough, how about this Murcielago? (11 Photos)


  • etcrr

    WTF is wrong with people? They take awesome cars for granted and treat them like shit

    • obv. TRLL

      you think someone did it on purpose?

      • etcrr

        racing, speeding or showing off is the major cause of an accident like this. Time and time again you see headlines of either actors or sports figures getting into accidents cause they were showing off

        • obv. TRLL

          and what is the major cause of buying a lambo? school runs?

          • GRadde

            Hopefully not to show off, but because one likes it. Cliché, but rings true.

    • Tyrone Shulaces

      Shit happens when you're enjoying your supercar on public roads. I have a Lotus Elise that I drive hard but care very much about, and when I was going around a corner on a back road, a possum ran out and his head smacked a crack in my bumper. Does that make me a retard? I was driving the car the way it was meant to be driven. If you can't afford an accident, you can't afford the car.

      • etcrr

        Dude, obviously that doesn't put you in the catagory of nut job but there are plenty out there who are

  • gdm426

    the horror,,,,

  • Buddeh
  • texjosh

    etcrr – are you just trolling? I mean, I'm pretty sure you buy a car with massive power and exotic looks for the purpose or "racing, speeding, or showing off." If you want to get from A to B get a used Camry. But then again… I'm pretty sure I can find plenty of pics of those wrecked too.

  • Scott

    Less skinny pedal, and more squishy thing between the ears nuff said!

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