• Jason

    pussy nomnomnom

  • Jay_Harvey

    wow if he wont go down on her send her my way ill do it!

  • Anonymous

    Mac LOVES briTANik

  • benibee

    MOAR of the little asian babe, shes too cute……

  • Filippe

    You guys want sushi?

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  • bse35

    one of the dumbest skits I've ever seen

  • Mouha

    Travis – I’ve fgrtooten who put me up on your blog and how to get your emails, but man, they’ve been a treat. Every time I get something, I always spend a good amount of time reading and staring reveling in the pictures you’ve taken. Was in Chicago for a long time, left for MI, now I’m coming back soon. You’ve kept the Chi fresh in my mind, man; everything from the shows/party scenes to the portraits and political shots euphoric stuff. The vid made me want more, so keep it going. Great choices with the tunes, too that Matt&Kim song is bangin’.

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