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sopa sucks Daily Afternoon Randomness (48 Photos)

I’m making a late addition to the DAR today, and for good reason. There’ s an ominous law moving through Congress right now called SOPA. It targets ‘rogue’ foreign sites that torrent copyrighted films and music such as The Pirate Bay. Which would be alright I suppose except the wording of the SOPA bill is so poor that it ends up giving more far reaching power to our government than its intended purpose. SOPA effectively gives the government tacit permission to blacklist any site on the internet for even linking to sites like The Pirate Bay.

For example, sites like YouTube, Tumblr, and even theCHIVE could be effectively tossed into the void if a commenter decided to post a link to these ‘banned’ sites. Yes, this censorship bill is that disgusting. Google and Facebook have called the proposed bill ‘Draconian’.

Because our representatives in Congress have such a poor grasp of how important a free and open internet is, they’re simply going to pass this steaming pile unless we do something about it.

Read this article and watch the video. Then go to the American Censorship Day website and write your local representative to put an end to this deeply flawed bill (they’ve made it easy to do). The future of the internet could depend on it. Stop SOPA, save the internet.

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    #12 FIND ME!

    #44 That is super impressive. Very cool!

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    #22 looking good.

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    #7…Of course we did, that's where you put the text. This isn't some optical illusion.
    #9…That don't look right.
    #19…Awesome Dress.
    #38…I love Lingerie when it is on women.
    #42…Sweet baby jesus.

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    #19 that’s quite a friend. And dress.


    #10 OMG !

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    #15 – wasted time scrolling through 11 pages of comments, hoping someone could source this. Still hoping…

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    L.G. I think I LOVE you! Even if the seasons change, you keep us all warm!

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    #8 isn't true!!!! Your welcome…I just saved your childhoods from being ruined.

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    SOPA has come from big content owners, MPAA, RIAA, etc. They're all fuckers.

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    She never said that. Just checked the book and one, the snake never gives us his name and two, all the snake wants to do is go back to Brazil. "Brazil here I come…. Thanksss, amigo."

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    #5 no, on the table it's about 500% more likely to be knocked over and spill *on* the table where your papers or your electronics might be. Looks like a pretty fuckin' good idear to me.

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