Daily Morning Awesomeness (20 Photos)

  • Anonymous

    Shouldn’t the ghosts in 24 be shading their eyes. The people are staring right at them

  • Haezeus

    I see #6 every time I head to the shooting range. I love Memphis.

  • Fizor

    Um, I'm sorry, is #18 actually on fire?! That has GOT to be against some kind of municipal code.

  • ImpressMe

    #15……sexier than all of the Victoria's Secret models….combined.

  • http://thechive.com/ cubanitagirl

    #19 AND #22 awesome!

  • http://thechive.com/ bkfrijoles

    #5 hes got swag

  • VolleyMav

    #7 Looks like Sideshow Bob

  • Shinanigins

    Driving in my Air Force Ones?

  • Dave

    #2 Nice night to catch rabies

  • Jim

    #7 Looking as good as ever, Sideshow Bob.

  • Matthew Mac

    #15 shopped

  • RGT1026

    Beating off with a power glove on, like a boss.

  • paulhitchcock

    #10 Looks like the hen has better brakes.

  • Faraday

    #19 Best. Stairs. EVER!!

  • CalAb13

    #3 Ok what are the Mythbusters up to now…..o.0

  • Anonymous

    The gifs don’t work on my Droid incredible. (Regular site not an app)

  • goodbyejeffery

    #24 is wrong because if there looking at the boo, he would disappear

    • eh.

      They wouldnt disappear. They would just stop dead in their tracks.

  • Alex Delarge

    #14 #15

    I see what you did there

  • Taco_Depot

    #24 They should be hiding!

  • tyson184

    Editor note: Epic Space Duckface pic


    #17 forever alone

  • Simon

    Dude! I am tripping BALLS!

  • ChelseaRules

    #14 Yosemite! My mom has pictures of when she was young and got to see them do the Firefall. I wish I could have seen it, but I'm too much of a youngin'.

    • Ned Flanders

      I saw an episode of "California's Gold" on PBS about this. The weirdest thing about the episode? It was a rerun from like 1992 and nobody was staring zombie like into a smart phone as they walked around the sites…

    • Matty

      When did they ban the firefall? Wasnt it sometime in the 90s?

      • Sam

        The Firefall was stopped in the 70's. People were parking on the meadow and stopping in the middle of the road which just caused problems. Forest Service ended it because it wasn't natural. I saw it a few time and it was spectacular!

  • Seldi84

    Anyone have any idea where #11 is. I posted the DMA on FB and now my 25 yr old little sister won't leave me alone until she knows where it was taken so she can go on holiday there.

    • airmoss18

      I'm almost certain that is on the Carribean island of St. Lucia (west coast).

      • Seldi84

        Thanks fellow Chiver. I thank you and doth my chiver's cap to you.

    • Jake

      Jade Mountain

  • https://www.facebook.com/cstory80 Chris Story


    Haters Gonna Hate

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