For that extra 10% naughty librarian look, just add glasses (31 Photos)

  • thetech2

    not sure of sexy or hipster

  • torainca

    #7 #16 ADORABLE

  • Mat_Pooney

    #29 are those eyes real? Incredible

  • Scoot foo

    #7 is where it’s at! Moar of her please chive!

  • Matty

    #2 and #28
    Zooey and Radeo stopped me in my tracks. Two of the most beautiful women on earth.

    • Matty

      oops, wrong number on the second one. #24 i mean

  • SanDiego

    too hipsterish for my taste

  • asdf

    #8 is beautiful

  • jay

    find #12 #18

  • jdutch

    She can grace my computer screen (or my life for that matter) ANY TIME!

  • gdm426

    those gals aren't naughty, they're hipster douchettes

  • Natalie Ann

    #12 is a "photographer" on who has almost nothing on her entire page except about 300 high-quality pictures of herself. Yup hipster.

    • Natalie Ann

      correction #29. 12 is just a smokin hottie.

  • bse35

    Librarian look doesn't work with women who have tats and women who dress like sluts

  • Kirby

    #9 You are simply amazing to me!

    Please give me more and tell me where I need to get my library card at??????

  • thesauceboss

    – why is #24 so arousing?

  • Swarley

    #1 #14 #17 #25 #31

  • Nishtai

    They are all incredibly gorgeous. But I'm not too keen on gian glasses. I think it's a stupid trend that needs to be put down right now

  • Marcis

    #18 #25 MOAR and FIND

  • jack adams

    If I had librarians who looked like this I would have spent more time at least looking like I was learning

  • bill

    omg iam in love with # 3. more.

  • Anonymous

    who is #6. 10 and 28??

  • SuperCereal

    #17 Can't argue with that!

  • Anonymous

    who is 28??

  • abba

    #31 The library stacks have never looked so good !


    mmmm… girls with glasses… another great dump by the chive..

  • scraba

    #18 more please find

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