Hump Day is an understatement (65 photos)

Mr Pacino says it best:

  • Chris


    • anon

      to die

    • Shannon Coverdale

      You know how I can tell you are gay?

      • Shannonisagirlsname

        You know how I can tell you're a stupid cunt?

    • GernBlansten
    • Chris

      Sorry, I was misinformed…i had reason to believe this was the line up for sucking cock…I was suggesting I go first..

  • payazo

    amaizing!!! #4 #5 #54

    • Average Chiver


    • Underbaker

      I like your taste in posteriors, I would also add #11 #33 and #57

      • Gabe

        #33 is absolute perfection

  • Jeff

    Absolutley Amazing Chive! You do it again and again and again!

    • Jeff

      You help us nerds see how real women look like. Chive on my brothers!

    • Gross...

      Hey #17, nice ass pimples.

  • 'laskan

    I've got the most normal boner right now!

    • jackinatwork

      #35, #45, #46 (i dont care its a repeat…its un real) #54, #64….look out work shitter…here i come!

      • jackinatwork

        #47 is the repeat…my apologies

  • Steverino

    Holy mother of pearl ! …. Nice paint job !

    • Shannon Coverdale

      I love Vida Guerra

    • ROK247

      this is a fingerpainting class i would sign up for

    • Bradley 365 Chiver

      iv got like every picture of Vida Guerra and i dont have this one, thanks another add to the collection

    • hMMMM

      why wear a thong at all?

    • newscot

      Vida Guerra's Playboy gallery. Obviously NSFW:

  • Intensemasterdebater

    Occupy Hump Day….I am the 99% Pitching tent now….

    • ROK247

      so excited i shit on the sidewalk

    • TheAndychrist

      Golf clap.

  • Cheeky Monkey

    I don't care about if's and and's, but I do like butts.

    • Jason Ciotti

      and you cannot lie

  • meh

    first to burst!

    • Shannon Coverdale

      first to fail

      • Bill57

        hey shannon! good to see you again remember that time we fisted eachother then made a rorschach test out of our feces? can't wait to do it again.

  • Tom

    Thank you Chive!

  • wilee

    wow chive, you focken rock! p.s. best time to sell something is when you have the chance! GET MORE CHIVE SHIRTS.

  • Zurdito

    #17 is so naughty! FIND HER! Quack, quack!

    • SimonPhoenix

      She brought friends this time.. yay!!

    • yuhuh

      Helz no. Shes got some nasty ass wartz on her booty.

      • teh dude

        yea.. dont hump pic with pimples on the ass

    • stfu

      Find her, so we can tell her she has ass pimples. Gross #17

      • Killinem

        Really?!?!?! You pick out the worst ass in probably the best hump day I ever seen!?!?!?! YOOOUUUURRRR AN EEEEEEDIOOOOOOOT

  • jun

    #22 #48 #64 – Wednesday is the best day of the week.

    • duh

      Even the combined ass of the first 2 will be less than the awesome hump on the 3rd one. You fail.

  • meh

    #11 – looks like BIg bird and snuffalumpagus had some fun with her!

  • Fuck Yes

    I ❤ Booty 🙂

  • Jayavc

    #56 is awsome…and I truely mean it left me in aw…

    • Andy

      Me too, then throw in the boots! I am done for the day!

    • Bstrong04

      I cried

  • Kris Coleman

    Best hump day post ever.

    ASS FTW!

    • Troll_the_world!

      – It really is! Chive out does themselves just about every week.

    • dear god

      Get a life !!

      • CosmoKramerTheAssMan

        Fuck. You. Only an unappreciative dick would say that. Appreciate the ass!!

    • Zebulon Miller

      I dunno, not that this post wasn't good, because it was… but I think there has to have been at least ONE hump day post that was better than this one…

  • Jeff

    #60 #65 – I want to party with these girls!!!

    • anon

      I want to have sex on them

    • maybe

      I want to see the rest of this footage.

  • anon

    #39 $46 #48 #65 Be there in a sec

    • anon


  • Doofenshmirtz

    for what it's worth, #5 and #47 are my two personal favorites…

    • chris

      those are my favorite 2 also

  • Mike

    #57 Holy jee-bus!!!

    • Hand of Fate

      I'm pretty sure that is fake/photoshopped. The shadow on the legs is wrong and the way the curve meets her leg on the right side doesn't match the way it does on the left.

      • newscot

        Google "Fenny Argentina" and you'll find plenty of pics of this girl, all of which are just as epic. Not 'shopped.

        • Hand of Fate

          I must say, I enjoyed that tip, lol.

      • Hand of Fate

        lol, that was funny. I still think it's a hot picture, and don't mind shopped, ones, it just doesn't make any sense that the two sides look very different.

    • Gravey12


  • ParryforPlay

    Diggin the % of sexy chivers in the hump day post!

  • Deez Nutz

    My God what a Hump Day!! Thanks Chive! -first timer from Tallahassee

  • Stevie C


  • wowza

    #27, #28, #29, #30 Fucking hell LG FTW. Soft but firm ass me likey.

    • Birdhaus32

      Still the best Chivette to date. I seriously doubt anyone could dethrone her

      • Paula_

        _I_ might… But I love LG <3. So I won't.

        – the one you love to hate

    • SimonPhoenix

      Fuck Coffee to wake you up in the morning … just get a shot of the LG!


    • Adam_R

      Isn't she wonderful? 😀

    • facepalm

      Sends in multiple pics in slutty outfits and dominates a `hump day` thread and then says she is not an attention whore or a skank. Yeah right !

      • hMMMM

        Just in case the fan club gets in and thumbs down your post, I wanted to say that I agree with you 100%. Me me me bitches get old real quick.

        • wowza

          You are an idiot as well then. Man that shit is contagious here aint' it? You have no right to say LG is a 'me me me' type because guess what, she doesn't post her own pictures. She only submits them to the Chive for the Chive to pick and choose from. If she posted this post then that'd be wrong of her to post herself multiple times, but she didn't, she can't, and if you can't see that this is no reflection of her then you have problems.

          • Guesty

            so that's the crux of your argument? That she's not the one POSTING them??? New flash, pal…it's even more pathetic that she SUBMITS this many pics.

            No one is denying that this girl has the great fucking ass. It's just getting to the point where she contradicts everything she says she stands for (being "real", cool, etc.) by submitting all these pictures, b/c submitting once or twice may be cool, but hundreds and hundreds is fucking sad and an obvious cry for attention.

            • YN1 Murphy

              The reason why this site has Chivettes is because they ask for their continued submissions, because posting models and pictures that aren't unique to the Chive and/or the internet is not what this site is about. What you're saying is that girls who do what we as Chivers and the Chive staff request, such as submit personal pictures of themselves, regularly representing the Chive, is pathetic and wrong and a cry for attention. She's stated that she is a hardcore exhibitionist and that she likes the site, and that's why she submits. It's not like her name is plastered on the pictures. She's not ASKING for attention. If she was she'd do more than just submit seemingly anonymous pictures of herself holding a chive sign. She didn't say 'oh hey I'm picture X and X and X' in a comment now did she? Her submitting doesn't mean she's any less of a real or cool chick Guesty. Girls who visit this site (a.k.a. Chivettes) are asked to submit pictures of themselves to keep the content original. If that girl happens to be an exhibitionist and has an outlet for it, I sure as hell hope she always uses the chive as her outlet.

            • Holy Hell

              Hey Guesty.
              Everything you post is a cry for attention.
              The only attention you've ever had was from your mom and her pillow.
              What is sad, is that you can't get over what you have against LG.
              Grow up, Kiddo.
              Break a leg.

      • wowza

        Head out of ass for a second here facepalm: LG doesn't POST her pictures, she just submits them. It's not up to her which or how many of her pictures gets posted. Even if she asked to be in the post multiple times – which I'm sure as hell she didn't – it's up to the Chive editors and what Chivers request as to gets posted. So how is she an attention whore? Because the Chive and 99.9% of the Chivers ask for the CHIVE to post her pictures? You are a fucking idiot. Facepalm yourself.

      • Matt

        So wait…the hottest Chivette sends in multiple photos to entertain US–the men who love the Chive–so that we can enjoy exactly what the Chive is supposed to do (provide pictures of hot chicks, among other things), and even though all of this indicates that the process is working perfectly, you have a problem with it?

        Bro, the Chive isn't where you go to rate the imagined personalities of girls that you project your personal biases on. I think you've missed the point. This is like going to Burger King and complaining that all the burgers on the menu make them seem narcissistic.

        • truthserum

          Fucking right on. Amen and very well said.

    • loves sammiches

      LG…a booty so fine it creates internet slap fights.

      • marco

        that my good sir, is not a 'booty so fine.' huge feet to go along with the schnoz does not make for 'the hottest chivette.' much better looking girls out there and what ya need to do is pull your heads out of her ass cause its starting to get stale. bitch needs to fuck off. #54 is real booty…not that flat ass in #30

        • Admin

          On the topic of stale shit, your constant bullshit about this gorgeous girl is getting fucking old. Signing in under different addresses just to reiterate your shit for brains points?? Pathetic. Every post she's in you scramble to just to comment negatively. Sad much? She doesn't have huge feet at all, she doesn't have a big nose at fucking all (check out "; and if you still think she has a big nose, you are a fucking dipshit), and her ass is anything but flat! Do you understand what angles are? Because if you are comparing an underneath view of a girl's ass to one ABOVE her of course the ass doesn't look as round because she's laying the fuck down.
          <img src=""&gt;
          <img src=""&gt;
          STFU and GTFO with your complete and utter crap.

          • That Guy

            Yeah, Admin. Because NO ONE thinks LG is an annoying attention whore besides 1 person. Ask The Chive to check the ip addresses. I promise you they'll be different.

          • marco

            lol. cool story.

        • Mike

          agreed, LG is totally over rated, shes by far not even close to the hottest girl on this site. she sits at home all day and takes pictures of herself to submit to chive? fucking lame! all these jerkoffs think they actually have a shot because she frequents the same site they do. dream on dorks, dream on.

          • marco

            and then she goes on and on about how she cant post any more pictures because she wants to focus on her career. fuck off! shes annoying and hardly the hottest girl on here. shes past her 15 mins and the only reason i come here is for the other chivettes.

        • That Guy

          THANK YOU!!!

    • Adam_R

      Man…I'm so glad I could start an argument *eye roll*…

    • teh dude

      i prefer Erin. Thats just me

    • Bstrong04

      Haters gonna hate…I would rather copulate.

    • coulditbe

      …and what to take from all of these posts? chivers need to stop making such a big deal about a person that submits picture on this site and go out and get themselves all girlfriends. YES she is incredibly, ridiculously, unbelievably gorgeous and also super cool. But then realize that the extent of your relationship with this person will never extend past you anonymously looking at her pictures through a computer screen. So the problem isn't whether or not this girl is an attention whore. It's something more like why is everybody making such a big deal about her? And this applies to both the positive and negative comments. Give it a rest…

  • joe

    #35 FTW

    • TWON925

      Ill go to the game with you!

    • Yessirr

      Dirty socks and all

    • evihc

      reveal yourself

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