• Fuck

    How many dislikes can this post get?

    • dan

      A lot, but you're not really worth it.

    • womp

      i gave it a like

    • Posted this

      Buncha racist mother fuckers on this site- lol!

    • Dan

      Thumbs down fail.

    • Fuck

      Lol that turned out differently than i had imagined. Stil happy with the results 🙂

  • What If?

    "yes he is beginning to rape my dog…oh god no… pebbles :("

    • guy

      The cats are watching .. and they are scared

    • yourmother

      funniest comment ever!

    • Rad-Balls

      "…oh my god….they're grabbing all the grape kool-aid packets…"

    • Geoff

      "Oh my lord, they just stole all of my canned collard greens"

  • Jeff


    • deezenutz

      SURPRISEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! They're BLACK!????????????? Isn't that CRAZY?

  • Priceless.

    and you thought your day was going shitty.. sorry, Jerome.

  • manamana

    This is absolutely awesome. Good for her.

    • guestyguest

      But couldn't all of this have been solved with a little old-fashioned 'Merican gun violence? Woman wouldn't need a locked office or a camera if she had a .357 somewhere.

      • Itsa me

        I think she meant her office somewhere far away from her home.

      • Jay

        Equating women to 'stay at home mom' is a little sexist, no?

      • sadman

        Taking a life over possessions? I am all for shooting to protect the life of yourself or others, but not to protect my Wii games.

  • Fuck the cat..idiot.

    Commentary: "Yo, da cops iz outside!"

  • dan

    Take that criminals!

    • Tavalalli Squared

      anybody else have 'bad boyz…bad boyz…whatcha gonna do…" going thru their heads?

      • frank

        no. and you suck!

        • driz

          nice try frank you FAGGOT

  • RDM

    How did she not tell them there was 2 in the house until the end of the video?? You could clearly see them…

    • lol

      she assumed all black people looked the same.

      • anon

        they all do…

    • kaidoh101

      probably thought it was just a shadow

    • Drew

      She was probably looking at multiple video feeds because there are points in the video where we see nothing but she is describing what is happening. When your adrenaline is running sometimes your hyper-focused on one thing or your thoughts are racing so fast you miss certain things. That's why eyewitness testimony isn't very reliable, when emotions run high, we miss things.

      • Malkintosh22

        Not to mention the audio probably wasn't perfectly synced.

    • psychoace

      The video is not synced with the audio perfectly. I think she didn't start seeing the burglars until after the one went into the bedroom. Otherwise I'm sure she would of mentioned the crowbar he was holding.

    • Commando00

      I think she was distracted by the cat freaking out and getting in her view LOL

    • royceguy

      Exactly what I was thinking. I'm in LE and will be using this video in training as yet another demonstration as to how amped up victims and witnesses are somewhat useless for accurate information.

      And to plug TheChive as well, naturally…

  • Cat Person

    Useless dogs

    • Bluto

      No kidding. Needs to replace those "guard" dogs… and cats.

    • Typical

      You misspelled ghetto African American.

    • ROK247

      the cat was waiting for the opportune moment to strike, but then the cops came and effed up his plan.

  • EZRA2

    oh god the cat somebody clam the cat down

    • steve

      the cat was by far the most important thing

    • also brick

      clam that bitch the fuck out.

      • DrMarklar

        Keep clam and chive on

  • AJ

    “my cat is so scared right now…” shit that had me rolling.

  • SgtJyoung

    should have found and stole the video camera. rook move

    • BigHate

      It was an entire system. You were only seeing one view. Besides, did these guys look professional?

    • Matador

      guy watches video of a robbery and of course thinks he could of done a better job. douchebag

      • SgtJyoung

        Go fuck yourself there matador. Nice name by the way

  • https://www.facebook.com/aokeefe3185 Andrew O'Keefe

    That's great

  • http://twitter.com/MartinSWeathers @MartinSWeathers


  • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1064188593 Josh Gorter

    "we need as much information as possible"

    "Well I have three dogs and a cat"

  • thehookah

    Worst burglers ever. They clearly had no plan at all, just roaming around the place, picking up handfuls of Wii games and controllers. What exactly were they trying to steal?

    To make matters worse, they freaked out her cat!

  • Ben

    nice! was thinking about getting this myself, this might just be the push I needed

  • DudeBro

    "My cat is so scared!"

    Fucking cat lady…

  • oliverklosov


  • Guest

    Won't somebody please think of the cat! Save the pussy!

  • Rodi

    Im surprised the cops took that long to get there. She mention the guy was black


      took what like 3 min? thats really not that bad

      • fdsfd

        Dude they were black, they can run to China in three minutes.

      • sadman

        I agree. Response to breaking and entering, while present, is about 15 minutes in my area. However, when the perp stabbed a cop, suddenly every cop for 15 miles was closing off the neighborhood.

  • Blindsided5

    "I've just been robbed of everything."

    Robbers haven't even left the house.

    • Landlubber77

      You and the 17 (edit: now 40!) people who gave you a thumbs up seemed to have missed that she said she had just been robbed before and that's why she set up the video camera. How…did you all miss that part? She said it literally right after she said "I've just been robbed of everything."

      Oh I know, you were so excited to post your findings on here and in your lust for thumbs up you stopped paying attention. Luckily for you, there are at least 17(40!) people as stupid as you are.

    • Drew

      she did state that she had been robbed before, who knew what they took last time…

      • Mr. Context Clues

        The lady said "Ma'am they aren't going to get out with anything" and she said that she was talking that she HAD been robbed of everything before.

    • KDM

      They're burglars, not robbers.

  • Y u So Slow

    funny I just got done watching this on break.com , Chive your almost not in slo mo today Congrats , normally your 2-5 days slow

    • james

      nobody likes you.

      • Y u So Slow

        Y U MAD? The truth hurt?

        • thehookah

          This video has been out for at least a year.

    • pjsupremex

      its crazy, did you see CNN had a story on the Penn state thing? crazy part is so did fox right after that. (get the idea?)

      • Y u So Slow

        Best part is I congratz them for only being slightly slow today instead of days behind most websites like normal.
        btw only -10 cmon you can do better

        • anon


    • MammyNun3

      Ha Ha. i saw it there to this morning.

    • Bezaile

      This is almost 3 years old. Someone who just saw it on break.com this morning should probably do a little research before pointing out that someone else is a half day behind.

    • Smitty

      Why not just stick to break then?! Why troll around here if you don't like it? Go away, we promise we won't miss you.

  • Like a boss

    Could the intruders fulfill more of a stereotype?

    • workdammit

      If by being lazy pieces of shit that break in to houses to steal then yes, these "burglars" do live up to that stereotype. Surprised they didn't try and steal the dogs in a pillow case.

      • Dave

        the could have been eating fried chicken.

      • エリツク

        Could you fulfill the slightly racist white male in his 20's stereotype any more?

        • dirtysteve99

          エリツク You sure the guy posting this is white and in his 20's?

          Y U SO RACIST ?

      • MonkeyMadness

        Gee, maybe there's a reason there IS a stereotype!? Where do you think stereotypes come from?
        You can't make this shit up.

    • whosmike

      African American and Dumb as FUCK?????

      • Mr. H

        hahahaha well, please see my comment above…

  • Jeff

    Its all fun and games….till a cat gets freaked out!!!

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