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  • BuckNasty1983

    I was hoping so bad they kicked the cat

  • Marlso

    STFU about your bloody dogs and try to give a description of the actual criminals you idiot!!

  • mau

    fuck the cat!!!

  • faptastic

    you need bigger dogs

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=773464080 Brett Bibeau

    That’s some horseshit response time

  • time4taco

    they could've avoided getting caught if they pulled their pants up.

  • R1o9m7e6o

    Shut up crime!!!

  • Bonaduce

    Next on The World's Dumbest Criminals…

  • Neagle

    I was hopping for the use of Tasers.

  • teh dude

    so much racism on this post….

    Chive mods really need to clean this up

    • imdb

      it's called free speech fucktard…go work for the fcc or move to Canada. you liberal fuckers want to control everything.

      • Joe

        Keep your trash.

        We just kicked our liberals to the ground.

  • Richard

    Am I crazy, or did that guy move the cat so it wouldn't run out of the house?

  • Bar B.

    epic! that will teach them!

  • The Duke

    Its funny how we all hate the cops until our stuff is getting stolen.

  • Anonymous

    And next on world’s dumbest criminals lol epic

  • wandy

    And next on world’s dumbest criminals lol epic fail

  • Diz

    Did one have a bag of shredded cheese in his hand?

  • amplidudes

    yawn …

  • kent

    Remember this video the next time you feel like ragging on cops.

    Without cops to protect us and our property, these hoodlums would have free reign.

    • Joe

      You misspelled "Good Guys with Guns".

  • angrywhiteman

    i see… those pesky Brinks commercial white guy thieves are at it again.

  • Joey Rizzola

    this video is racist!

  • gflo917

    lmao… pretty damn cool how she got the audio from the police and put it with her home video…

    LOL… so much for having a big dog..

  • Not Spike Lee

    Has anybody really not seen this before?! This video came out over two years ago.

  • Finnegan

    they should be buying belts with there stolen goods silly asswipes

  • Hood Rat

    if a 911 person tells me to "hold on one second" i am going to drive to my house and fucking shoot whoever is in there

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