• mau

    fuck the cat!!!

  • faptastic

    you need bigger dogs

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=773464080 Brett Bibeau

    That’s some horseshit response time

  • time4taco

    they could've avoided getting caught if they pulled their pants up.

  • R1o9m7e6o

    Shut up crime!!!

  • Bonaduce

    Next on The World's Dumbest Criminals…

  • Neagle

    I was hopping for the use of Tasers.

  • teh dude

    so much racism on this post….

    Chive mods really need to clean this up

    • imdb

      it's called free speech fucktard…go work for the fcc or move to Canada. you liberal fuckers want to control everything.

      • Joe

        Keep your trash.

        We just kicked our liberals to the ground.

  • Richard

    Am I crazy, or did that guy move the cat so it wouldn't run out of the house?

  • Bar B.

    epic! that will teach them!

  • The Duke

    Its funny how we all hate the cops until our stuff is getting stolen.

  • Anonymous

    And next on world’s dumbest criminals lol epic

  • wandy

    And next on world’s dumbest criminals lol epic fail

  • Diz

    Did one have a bag of shredded cheese in his hand?

  • amplidudes

    yawn …

  • kent

    Remember this video the next time you feel like ragging on cops.

    Without cops to protect us and our property, these hoodlums would have free reign.

    • Joe

      You misspelled "Good Guys with Guns".

  • angrywhiteman

    i see… those pesky Brinks commercial white guy thieves are at it again.

  • Joey Rizzola

    this video is racist!

  • gflo917

    lmao… pretty damn cool how she got the audio from the police and put it with her home video…

    LOL… so much for having a big dog..

  • Not Spike Lee

    Has anybody really not seen this before?! This video came out over two years ago.

  • Finnegan

    they should be buying belts with there stolen goods silly asswipes

  • Hood Rat

    if a 911 person tells me to "hold on one second" i am going to drive to my house and fucking shoot whoever is in there

  • Anonymous

    Move to Canada? Might as well we have real “freedom”!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=524303664 Moatasim Naveed

    the wii??? seriously dude????

  • Clyde S Dale

    Its funny how up in arms people get because race gets brought into this. Every race out there contributes to their own stereotypes. Whether your a red neck or a hood rat, rican, or some italian douchebag. These two “boys” were truly acting like “niggs” and deserve what ever words people here or out on the streets say to them, its not hard to see that at all. And if you dont then you are part of the real 99% (oblivious morons).

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