• azn

    she keeps talking about her cat nooone gives a fuck that your cat is scared just tell the police what their doing

  • Anonymous

    If they would have held the cat for ransom they may have gotten away. Hope they learned their lesson. Oh and they should have gone in wearing white face maybe they would have been able to walk right out the front door.

  • Anonymous

    Booyah…Shoulda fragged their asses!

  • PTgoBoom!

    Obviously teenagers. Only a teenager would leave such a distraught pussy in his wake.

  • bse35

    quite the payback if you ask me. she got hit once shame on them hit twice shame on her if she hadn't done something about it but she did. Kudos to her

  • Tiger Lilly Bou

    xcellent….i want this surveillance….NOT the cat..useless animals..my dogs and cat would have brought them down boi!!!

  • drewski

    Call a spade a spade… white trash is white trash, black trash is black trash. Nothing bigoted about it

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  • Dickle

    Welllll…..And then what happens?? Don't waste my time Bob.

  • rossy

    i wonder wot there excuses were

  • elmarkymark

    SHut up CRIME

  • eRickyBobby

    Question. How the FUCK did they think they could ever run away with pants falling off their ass?

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