Let’s go Chivette crazy, shall we? (1 Update)

lead chivettes Lets go Chivette crazy, shall we? (1 Update)

Last week I was unable to bring y’all a ‘Sexy Chivers’ as Leo and I went to the 9-11 Memorial in NYC. Prior to last week, the Chivette inbox was already overflowing.

Balance must be restored to the force.

Starting tomorrow, I will be bringing you a very special ‘Sexy Chivers’ in two acts, Parts 1 & 2. Look for Part 2 on Friday. Submit your photos here. For all the Chivettes who have already submitted, thanks for your patience.

The next two days we’ll be dedicating as much photo space as possible to our Chivettes in fact. It’s our amazing girls that have made theCHIVE the amazing community it is today.

Also, we know our Chivette apparel is selling out much faster than we expected, nearly as fast as the men’s tees, so this Friday at 9 am PST we will release ‘Keep Calm’ and our brand new Chivette Tees for Chivettes only.

When I first started Sexy Chivers nearly two years ago, I was only attempting to see if there were any girls on the Chive at all. I remember I got about 20 emails that week and just about fell out of my chair. Now our Chivettes are leading the charge not only in America but across the globe with the message that real is the new beautiful. It’s one of the things I’m most proud of on this little-site-that-could and we owe it all to our fearless Chivettes.

Thanks for that and Chive On,


  • Anonymous

    Post them all! I want to scroll for hours 😉

  • khamil78

    Chivette apparel only only? Ffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  • Scoot foo

    Amen brother.

  • Menace

    "Prior to last week, the Chivette inbox was already overflowing."

    So I guess that means more of the same from EW and LG?

  • Steve

    Hey new tees at midnight on a Friday, thanks

  • Thatrangasmine

    Isn't that Chivette up there hot? We need to petition here for MOAR!!!!

  • Mighty

    You know, I'm going to have to say that you're wrong. Many of the photos of women chosen for The Chive (often model photographs) are the same photos I see on Pro-Anorexia websites.
    No offense- but FAIL. Good try, though. It takes more to change the skewed and psychotic ideals that this society has created for women.

  • Anonymous

    How about featuring the hot little redhead from NCIS:LA!!!!!!!!

  • bse35

    she's cute

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