Return of an Icon (18 Pictures)

  • etcrr

    very cool ride and #17 is a great way to make me forget what I was doing

  • Eddie

    Cost $125,000+ though.

  • Eddie

    $150,000 actually, sorry.

    … and that's base price.

  • StevieC

    And it will never see anything more challenging than a speed bump.

  • texjosh

    I was thinking, "Man that's a pretty sweet little build." And then Eddie up there drops the bomb that you can drive a Gallardo for the same price. Booooo Icon.

  • Mer0


  • Meduim Jim

    it was a horrible vehicle originally, this is going to be a disaster. cue the class action lawsuit.

  • skuz

    #3 i love the retro door handles its just a perfect blend

  • bkfrijoles


    • Kev

      More like GPM…

  • bse35

    the original was a hell of a ride

  • monoxxide

    for 150,000+ i could build a far better 4×4 out of my garage and I would actually take it off road

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