Hot Right Now: Sh*t happens sometimes (30 Photos)

‘South Park’ has been sneaking aliens into the show for years (25 Photos)

  • cubanitagirl

    LOL From now on when i watch the show im gona try to spot them lol


    Is there anything more recent(season wise)? the only one i even noticed up there that was even remotely recent was a few years old.

  • Takingbackcider


  • chicago

    I wish for a book of each episodes script. Such a funny comedy. I can't stand to watch it or hear the voices.

  • The_Dood

    A lot of these are humorously interjected and several of them do have "earthly business" being present… Like #5 for example, that alien really did have a chance at being Cartman's dad. Hell, even I do. And #17, everyone knows that most aliens live in Canada.

  • Paul_in_Ohio

    Aren't they all aliens in #4?

    • Sam Jackson

      yes, but the one on the right is the reoccurring alien in all the other episodes.

  • Anonymous

    alien photo bombs, nice!

  • Beena

    I noticed it before, but I couldn't figure out why 😛

  • blind

    Wheres the alien in #25

    • The_Captain

      Took me a while to find too… Peeking out from behind the tree on the right.

      • blind

        LOL oh…Now you point it out, it becomes super obvious!

  • W!LL

    watching South Park will never be the same!

  • Floyd

    craaaab people craaab people

  • Koneman

    Im pretty sure there's one in every episode.

  • blake

    kind of creepy

  • black27696

    I knew they did that a lot but I never noticed the subtle ones that were dressed up or in different colors.

  • OhSomeEvil

    I've always noticed as well in many episodes but damn dude you take the cake on finding theses.

  • CalAb13

    Great, from now on I wont even be paying attention to the show

    Oh and you forgot the most obvious one

    <img src="; = img>

  • eh.

    #12 Is that Paula? Did someone finally "JIZZ ON PAULA HAIR"? I never thought it would be Conan.
    Total mind blow!

  • Dave

    haha awesome, love stuff like this

  • Thomas Allen Sampson

    Haha iv been watching this show since i was a kid and i never saw any of thee aliens

  • Micks

    everyone is downloading episodes searching for aliens now hahaha

  • Frank


  • manchakattack

    What episode is #17 ?

  • mouchette

    Right on the heels of the thanksgiving day episode.
    "We know the pilgrims were visited by aliens but were there ghosts at that first thanksgiving too?"

  • Chris

    Try watching "Cannibal: The Musical" from Trey Parker. It's got aliens too! Alien snowman, alien deer. Also, it's just a plain awesome movie!

  • Vikthor Lobo Torres Rosales

    leave the alliens alone they didnt do anything to anyone…….

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