Magic Mountain lodge in Chili looks like a fun retreat (16 Photos)

  • Rainy

    I'm from Chile and I won't be a dick about making a little and common typo. Ask one of these complaining chileans to spell Louisiana or Connecticut right on their first try… typical chilean thinking other countries give two craps about their country… I keep it realer than you!

    Also, never heard of this place.

    • Pato

      How is this this a common typo? It's straight-out ignorant. You might of been born there but you man, are NOT Chilean, no matter what you say. Suck a gringo dick conchatumadre! You keep it real allright……real GAY, traicionero hueco!

  • etcrr

    I would love to go there

  • 340Swinger

    So $500 to $800 for a weekend trip? If I ever go to South America, this would be worth it.

  • bse35

    cool to visit but I wouldn't want to live there

  • PATO


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