Things That Bounce Thursday (12 GIFS)

  • R2GFan

    #5 #6 #9 #13 You are all winners in my book.

  • MOAR

    The post is the best thing about Thursdays.

    • MOAR

      This* Sorry, I was still thinking about #13

    • auto

      I agree. Best thing about Thursdays, best post on the site.

    • anon

      Yeah, there goes my afternoon….. #13

  • AssClown

    #5 #6
    Tits & Ass baby…Tits & Ass

    • Verbal_Kint

      but mostly tits… Unless there's some lip slip on hump day….

    • NJ Dan

      Ass & Tits man, ass n tits…

  • eggman

    Gotta Lovem

  • etcrr

    #7 #9 #10 giggly like jello, giggidy

  • kkgolfer

    #7 We need a gallery dedicated to Sofia!

    • Gabe


    • Leonel_LyL

      Have you seen her without kilos of makeup? Gross.

    • Chris

      Heck YES, I agree

  • VanIsleChiver

    Yah! #5 Get on your bike and ride! ala Freddie Mercury and Queen

  • guest

    ITS BACK!!!!

  • TheBAMFinater

    The inventor of #13 is a genius. What a great way to get girls to practice.

    • Xsoldier2000

      I have a better way, on the job training.

    • Paul

      Builds Stamina..

  • joe

    Im just gonna make like big tits and bounce. CHIVE ON!!

  • Sir Boobsalsot


  • Random Guy

    i thought you would never return, so glad you're back

  • bless1

    #10- yes please.

    • Zebulon Miller

      The only thing I hate about her is that she only has one move, and you're lookin' at it. Every single video that she's ever done, that's her one move.

      • Geoff

        Who is she?

        • Dan

 and she's got new moves now. She doesn't dance anymore, but uses the "neck massager" in really interesting ways…

          • dr_sarcasm

            She's also starting to show wear and tear i.e. her dancing days are over, she looks like she can only muster a shuffle these days…

  • JAG

    #9 All day long

  • Lawrence

    #11…. those straps are struggling to contain…

    • ElBrandO

      This one damn near caused an earthquake and power outages.

    • ChelseaRules

      That looks so painful!

      • Dave

        if by painful you mean awesome.

    • Underbaker

      words cannot express my joy over #11 and #4 but if they could (in Homers donut wanting voice) Bewbs…..

    • badgerfanz

      She better be careful gravity prevails…………..she will be using those things you put on the end of a tube of toothpaste to roll them up before too long!

    • Greg Lee

      FIND. NOW.

    • Kaffizle

      love those her boobs are 5 giggles away from coming out

  • ranD

    #12 Teagan Pressley

    • ranD

      sorry Presley*

    • Muadieb

      No way! That's her? Nice!

      • jaynecobb2

        she looks like Cassie Scerbo to me

  • guy

    #4 and #5 shhhwwwing!

  • dbolusaf

    #13 when a hot chick uses shake weights an angels gets his wings

  • whodat

    #5 I keep trying to stop it when she is bent over!

  • echogeo

    She's lost weight.

    • Jimmy

      It's the meth.

    • David

      Whats her name again?

    • Devisdated One

      Same dumb ass grin and dance.

      • Zebulon Miller

        Exactly, it never changes, it's like "same face syndrome" on a full body scale.

    • T-dog

      Cocaine is a helluva drug!

  • EldJotnar

    find #8 for the love of god

    • Mr. B

      Yes> Find her and help her…she's having a seizure.

  • echogeo

    I like what she's thinking.

    • murff

      Your work out is finished. Here is some cab fare. Now going to sleep mode.

      • tapsnapornap

        I was going to say the same thing…thumbs up

  • Dorkfish

    I would have been first but I got stuck on #4 for a while

    • T-dog

      me too trying to tell if it was a man or not…chive has scared me for life.

      • The_Dood

        Living the rest of your life in fear has got to suck. They've only scarred me.

      • illuminati

        she's a bonafide girl, look up Reon ( or Leon) Kadena….she's a bit popular on the japenese scene

  • Shant1k

    #11 When she turned her head I just knew she was getting fucked, full link anyone? 🙂

    • theeemightybuck

      someone please post the full link. it is greatly desired

    • Do0zer

      Good call man.

  • echogeo

    The fact that Sofia has a 20 year old son is amazing.

    • Dr. Hfuhruhurr

      Fuckin' A Johansen

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