You could use a new desktop wallpaper (20 HQ Photos)

  • Brett Valenti


  • Silentstatic

    well Prostitution out of the home can be a lucrative way to make cash

    • The_Dood

      $.50 well spent…

  • Big Los


    "You should be like Calvin. His best friend was a tiger, he was always going on dope adventures, and if anything got in his way he just peed on it."

  • @mizdictator

    #9 cause ponies. ❤
    #20 cause that's badass architecture. 😀

  • The_Dood

    #18 Teddy vs. Tiger. Awesome.

  • Bob

    #11…That is a crazy eye trick. I love it.

    • mean gene

      Mount Woodson…Nice!

    • MattKL

      Agree. Optical illusions are awesome.

  • bkfrijoles

    #18 Teddy is kicking ass and taking names

  • TomTheCameraGuy

    #5 Man, the punctuation ruined this one for me…

  • Unfkngblvbl

    #1 & #19
    I'd like these better without the fucking cat…I don't fucking get it.

    • john


      • dave

        you shut up

    • acash

      Welcome to the internet

      • ale

        magical kittens with powers, are always upgrades!


      cats are stupid as fuck.
      they must have jacked those from

      • Carlos Patino


  • thepoopsmith

    #17 would be fucking awesome on acid

    • Verbal_Kint

      Or totally overwhelming. I guess it depends on how good your acid is (and how much you take).

    • @TheSpruceGoose1

      Try it after stumbling out of a bar in the early hours… so many times, so many colours

      • mel bourne

        this is a laneway in melbourne australia, ironically there are about 4 awesome bars within a few metres, its the best place to sneak a late night p*ss!

  • CalAb13

    #5 So when are we gettin a Dwight Schrute Tee Chive?

  • kyle

    These are always fuckn bruttle….. but I always look just in case chive may have got their shit together that day.

    • Craigery

      Peenoot bruttle?

  • Bob Digi

    #11 is the potato chip rock at Mt Woodson in Poway, CA. I've seen some much more intense pictures of that, like handstands and hanging off and stuff, that ones not even very HQ…

  • ImpressMe

    #7… can never go wrong with Calvin and Hobbes….damn I miss them.

  • iAm

    #17 you missed a spot.

  • Hugh Jorgan

    # 10 Capilano in North Vancouver ?

  • no way

    #11 #14 it's just plain stupid to use as a wallpapers. Some random guys on my desktop, staring at me…

  • Anony

    Who is #6?

    • inaparkinglot

      Christina Ricci FTMFW!

  • AlwaysQuinning

    #15 It's like an awesome fortune cookie.. but it's my desktop

  • @mkingscott

    #2 and #19 made me lol, #20 is very awesome

  • GrapeApe Ooooh this makes my disappointment in #7 go away.

  • Chaos


    Best. Comic. Strip. Ever.

  • Kris

    #6 Ah, Christina Ricci, my forever crush.

  • Jdeezy

    where is this at?

    • ray misterio

      Could be Costa Rica

    • Tyler

      It's Lynn Valley Suspension Bridge in North Vancouver, BC, Canada

  • M6tt

    RainbowDash 🙂 #9

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