• MattKL

    #7 is pure win.

  • ohno

    12 – Way to ruin a beautiful place.

  • dashete

    #4 That what I like about Chivettes man. I get older they stay the same age.
    Yes they do.

  • asas

    #20 is a new Building in Frankfurt, Germany.

    Though it might look good to you it's really stupid from the inside. You have to take an escalator which so freaking long that it takes you ages to get somewhere…

  • raydawg205

    how many people paused and didn't want to continue after #10

  • Cruzer117

    why the hell would I put #11 as a wallpaper!

  • bse35

    they ruin two really nice wallpapers with cats, why can't they offer both with and without?

  • chicago

    #20 because it can be built in such a way, doesn't mean it should be built in such a way.

  • Jay

    Yep #20 it's in Frankfurt Germany! My Hometwon

  • !S!WCRTESTINPUT000000!E!


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