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3D Garage door designs that are sure to make you feel important in the neighborhood (20 Photos)

More of these 3D stickers via style-your-garage

  • CalAb13


    Gotta give credit where credit is due….. 😉

    <img src="; =="" img="">

    • Robert H

      YES! YES! YES! I was hoping someone would bring up Wile E. What great cartoons they were too.

  • Henry Gibson

    I always enjoy these pieces of perspective art, like the garage doors and the street art, but it's always bugged me just a little bit that you can only really enjoy them from a single viewpoint. Except for #15, the illusion is broken for all of these if you just step a few feet to the left or right.

  • Shirley

    Most of these are 'shopped, kinda takes the fun out of it

  • Bob

    almost everyone of them has the same friggin ladder on the right wall x.x

    • KYLE

      And the same plastic bottle of blue liquid.

  • Anonymous

    Is it coincidence that about half of these pictures are of garages all have an aluminum ladder hanging on the same spot on the same wall?

  • Anonymous

    They’re stickers idiots.

  • etcrr

    #4 #6 are awesome

  • Chivoso

    all photoshopped… I don't get it. Why not just stick any picture in your template. Octoberfest waitress cleavage, undersea coral, pringles cans. There's no limit when you're making shit up.

  • ChiveTasting

    The graffiti on #5 is disappointing =/, but #19 brings my spirits and my BAC up!

  • MMM

    This is real, not fake. You can actually buy these for your garage. Check Style You Garage Site.

  • B Line (@asylumstudio)

    Read the comments…. Now I can’t stop staring at the ladder O.o

  • bse35

    #1 #3 #7 would make you look several times

  • Anonymous

    These were all done on a computer except maybe 2. Notice the ladder hanging on the wall to the right in all garages, the string hanging from the top, and i guess an electrical box on the back of the left wall… would be cool though 🙂

  • Anonymous

    The reason they have the same ladder and other props is because they are made by the same company.

  • MonkeyMadness

    #5 Graffiti ruined by graffiti lol

  • MattKL

    #6 Not something you want to see when you're passing by at night.

    #15 Nice!

  • Mike

    #1 is really awesome and #4 is a classic

  • Michael S Gross

    I never thought garage doors can be creatively done as well! I just recently asked for garage door openers perth but unfortunately I wasn't able to ask if they can also have mine designed. A simple color blocking will do.

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