Best photos of the week (50 Photos)

  • taylor

    #49 IS the best of the week

    • Lulatsch

      do we have a name/source?

    • Crispy

      Dear Chive, for Christmas, I want you to find her and leave her waiting for me. I can handle the rest.

      • bigboyyyy

        yea we need more commenter/subject interaction

      • Over 18

        Well, if she has been in Playboy, then spend the $5 to get the magazine she was in and move on with your life. Good Luck!

    • JROC

      she cranks the awesome knob to 11

    • higinss


    • TheMoose03


    • Andrew Haag


    • Colin Twigg

      not that impressed, its just an iPhone 4, not 4S…

      • its_forge

        Yeah with a 4S she could've just said "Siri post hand-bra pics to Facebook for me" and done.

    • Voice of Reason
  • walkingtheriver

    #35 Really?

    Everyone knows that Link is left-handed…

    • Dr_Zoidberrg

      #45 the clock in the upper right says 3

      • tralfaz

        time is relevant

    • Vlad

      He was but NOT ANYMORE! On wii he is right handed.

      • hakai20

        Technically this is untrue. Skyward Sword will feature an option to switch between right or left handed.

        • Anon

          on the twilight princess he was one handed and on the game cube version he was the opposite

          • >.>

            I never played twilight princess on gamecube, but I was told that the entire game was completely backwards from the wii version.

    • Melkhiordarkblade

      I love the power glove,it's so bad.

  • Dylan Hulkenberg

    #32 and she cooks!

    • TheAutomaticMan

      um… isn't that a requirement to be a women…..?

    • Berry Turk

      that's a man.

  • ;).

    #37 I'd rather Keep Calm and Chive In* 😉

    • VanIsleChiver

      that IS one nice little ass

  • Patrick

    #46 I think I'm in love…

    • Brenden

      Get in line

      • Gogalcock

        shup up you fuck.

  • Anonymous

    #49 Must be found for all that is man!!

  • Motofoxe

    My five year old son does #30 every day.

    • Jerry Sandusky

      Need a sitter?

      • Cross

        Pedobear approved.

  • Jack-off

    #49 makes it a whole new world!!

  • Perfect

    #32 Buns are ready!

  • Andy Drake

    #49 is the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. Wow!

    • Disciple

      2nd place after my Ukranian love girlfriend..

    • Chazz_B

      more please!

  • Anonymous

    Where is that water park i must go there asap also #49 boooya hit that sh$$.

  • Faraday

    #46 awesome.

    • Antonio Enrico Esteban

      that tattoo. makes her the most awesome woman in the world.

    • Akfu

      Apparently her name is Thaisa Fernandes and the rest of her is at:

  • Crispy

    #8 – A combination of "Dazed and Confused" and Bill Fucking Murray? Excuse me while I piece back together my head after it exploded from awesomeness.

  • Diggity

    #49 is rachel spence

  • LiquidE

    #10 now thats some funny shit there.

    • BloodScrubber

      Why do I get the feeling that's the step mother sending her husband a pic of what his daughter did last night… ^_^

  • okayawesome

    #24 Not attractive at all. #29 That had better be a joke, also not cute. #49 There might be some talent here. Too much damn makeup though.

    • Nick-_-

      must respectfully decline with you on #24, sir. shes a hottie.

    • LiquidE

      Some people come out of the closet by just saying they are gay but Im guessing that you are building up to that after reading your commet.

    • schmo

      You are a HOMO!

      • tpants

        No, he just has better taste than these women. Get over yourselves.

        • DaddyJax

          No, he is a homo.

          • Mrs. okayawesome

            Nope…he's definitely not a homo. He's my husband and his tastes run more to #32 and #46. Chive on y'all.

            • Gogalcock

              hes rude and fucking picky. and also likely gay… get over yer self.

          • ecad

            no, he just doesn't have shitty taste in women.

      • Lotus

        I can't get over how cool and mature the Chive commenters have gotten in the recent year! I notice we never had such wisdom when we couldn't post the pictures in our comments.

    • Henrik

      #49 might be using a lot of makeup, but she's doing it right!

    • notafaggot

      I think you might be a faggot.

      • urabiggot

        your a biggot.

        • TheEnglishLanguage

          you mean "You're a bigot."

    • Chesters Mule

      You are right! #29 hit every ugly branch on the way down.

    • bollyver

      Jayden Cole

  • csor1120

    If you look close enough you will see a fish in this picture #3

  • Paul Chubbs

    #21 show me the honey and the red bottom'd girl….Haha this is one heck of a place chive really getting down and out at the minute

    • Paul Chubbs

      oooops here she is… #32 Haha just look at her she cooks a very deli-sh…this reminds me of girl that i once back skuttled back in the era pre1970 it was a fine meal to boot.

      the one and only

      Paul Chubbs

    • Berry Turk

      That's a man, baby!

      • Paul Chubbs

        Haha…that my friend… is a girl the rug gives it away.. anyhow berry turk thats the last drop drained…only joking Haha theres mor as they they on here theCHIVE

        • Paul Chubbs

          All the best, best for all
          Paul Chubbs

  • B.B. Rodriguez

    #26 The number one threat to America also happens to be the savior of Gotham City? Mind = Blown.

    • Cross

      A dark hero indeed ….

    • Henrik


    • its_forge

      The number one threat to America? This is a picture of heart disease?

    • sadman

      After his final training with Long-cat, Bat Bear was ready…

  • JROC

    all joking aside #14 your life is fucking awesome.

  • everlast lies

    all the best

    Paul Chubbs

  • Paul Chubbs

    all the best

  • dbsnydes

    #12 can we get a black & white gallery?

    i suppose #26, #34 and #50 would qualify as well

    • yup

      lol trying to make a joke.

    • Cpt. O

      #50 obviously shopped

      • JOE MAMBA

        What gave it away?

  • Paul Chubbs

    Paul Chubbs

  • Brian


    I want to go to there.

    • Jacob

      Probably somewhere in Europe, damn lucky Europeans.

      • its_forge

        Brazil I betcha.

        • Juoil

          If it was Brazil, she was raped 5 minutes later. Just saying.

          • its_forge

            Idiotic bigoted stereotype noted. I'll have to remember to mention that to my brother in law who spends three months of the year there with his wife and it's one of his favorite places in the world. Yes, he says to keep your money in your underwear, but otherwise he's there all the time.

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