Enjoy your weekly dose of childhood nostalgia (35 Photos)

  • bse35

    #5 now that's an old phone

  • LyinKing


    Empire Records. The birth of my skirt fetish lol.

  • Bob

    I was past 18 when most of this stuff came out 😉

  • Pants


  • Anonymous

    32. scrambled Porn Chanel lol

  • Ducky

    Lol… mine still works. (Circa 1988).

  • Toto

    #31 I hate you so much right now

  • Bekah

    Should the game Organ Trail be up here somewhere!???!?!

  • Anonymous

    What’s 15 and 35?

  • Steodes

    How come no one at the Chive like Mortal Kombat??

  • Anonymous

    #32 who didnt enjoy that channel a few times! Switch back n forth and you get it for half a sec… yup . Hello sexlife!

  • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002163535812 Ben Hughes

    my good friend dean has 2 of #5

  • Hah

    Nostalgia and computer stuff. Try this: I think I still have a copy of Word for DOS. I wrote dBase code using Sidekick because it was memory resident. I've got an Epson QX-10, a Rodime full height, 5.25" hard drive with an amazing 5 Mb capacity and the very first IBM PC motherboard – the one that had 16 Kb on board. Make an offer and it can all be yours!

  • Tiago

    #30 Biker mice from mars was my favorite, pretty sure it still is!!

  • Ceige

    #35 Gave me nightmares as a kid! ….not sure if I'm going to sleep tonight now.

  • sandwiches1123

    #21 #22 Empire Records and Mall Rats…excellent choices

  • AnimeEyes19

    All this stuff! Gah!! Lol
    I remember it all!

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