• clayswife

    Poor thing. One day she'll realize she's always been cheering for an inferior team.

    GO PACK GO!!

  • Teblown

    That was me when I was 8 years old and the Jets lost to the Browns in the 1986 playoffs.

    It was also me last night when the Jets lost to the Broncos.

  • Gotcha

    i wasn't watching the video and i thought it was a wife talking to her husband…

  • Reality

    Can't wait for the videos of the packer kids crying when the team doesn't go undefeated this year. Put them right up there with the Patriot kids from a few years back.

    • Mason420

      I don't know any Packer fans that actually expect to go undefeated this year…

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=9340681 Alan Klein

    Get used to it toots!

  • Mike

    Aaron Rodgers did his discount double check all over the Vikings. BOOM.

  • RonWisco

    Sorry little girl the Packers are unstoppable!!

  • Larry

    Look what ya did Aaron. Making little girls cry, asshole.

  • KtownCOUGAR

    Poor misguided child. Never root against the Pack, you'll only get disappointed.

  • Dark

    I was crying just like that on the last Super Bowl…

  • JW-GB

    Don't worry, when the Vikings move to LA, the Packers will annex MN and you will have to become a Packers fan.

  • JB Davis

    Program them young so they stay more focused on a sport than how our nation runs. Christ, if only half of the people that were this passionate about football were equally passionate about making sure liars, cheaters and thieves were not elected to any office, think about how great life would be then!

  • jnixed

    future chivette right there

  • Mason420

    Raiser her to be a Vikings fan is borderline child abuse.

    • Mason420


  • All methed up

    Wow. That was utterly sidesplitting

  • 4dub

    Packer BEAST MODE engage!

  • Codenameduchess

    Maybe time to take her outside and stop letting her watch so much TV

  • TPS

    da da da / da na na na GO PACK GO!

  • adamcoasttocoast

    she just found out Clay Mathews takes HGH

  • Mason420

    She sounds like every Vikings fan ever.

  • Anonymous

    Clearly a prodigy child with a great future.Go Vikes!! Bobby Ramsey

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1375236934 Allen Gonzalez

    i feel your pain, long time vikings fan, but fuck it i stick to my team

  • Gman

    IS that supposed to be funny? A wee girl is distraught about a stupid american team game. Completely disgusting. Some stupid yank fuck has convinced this young girl that it is important and should be truly upset about it. Poor fucking girl. Poor fucking country.

  • Lionhrt

    Thats team support!! xD

  • ComeAtMeBro

    GO PACK GO!!!

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