Cat Saturday (31 Photos)

  • @prokiso


  • Greg

    #10 Liger?

    • JoelGuyPersonMan

      No shit dick hole

    • Napoleon

      It's pretty much my favorite animal. It's like a lion and a tiger mixed… bred for its skills in magic.

    • Altair

      If this is a liger, then where are it's blades?

    • teh dude

      yes, its a liger. Name is hercules.

      The baby on its back is less than a month old if i recal. Thing is about twice the size of a bengal tiger.

  • http://You'reawebsite Poodle time

    #18 is kinda fucked up.

    • Anonymous

      Yea I agree, have a little discretion posting stuff like that, I’d like to find that guy and fornicate him with an iron rod.


    bout as funny as Paul Chubbs that mac the intern…… what i'm trying to say is this thread is WANK

    • Paul Chubbs

      Haha, There was a time back in, 1974 yes that's right 1974 February it was she was a fine piece took her down the brown back ally, she loved every second of that swash battling pandemonium, oh looks like it's time for me to shoot.

      all the best and none of the worst
      Paul Chubbs

  • Gimlet Mike

    #24 "In the year of the caaaaat….:

  • lol

    #20 and #22

  • MJayGee

    Can we have a dog Sunday or something?

    • child.molester

      no, dogs sucks…

  • @wfs_

    #27. From NPR "Classic Album Covers Reimagined (With Kittens)

  • nouu

    #18 that's fucking cruel, whoever the human is they are a complete dumbass and shouldn't be allowed to own pets.

  • BloodScrubber

    #21 is realizing…. "we're gonna need a bigger box"

  • Frank Rascon

    Why not just call it "Caturday?"

  • Paul Chubbs


  • beer

    I look forward to Caturday almost as much as Hump Day.

    My own kitty celebrates by grabbing treats with her hands:

    • WTWFF

      Can I have 2:16 of my life back?

  • beer

    #11 is really cute!

    • Dr. Al Koholic

      the girl you mean the rest is stupid you don't feed potato chips to a cat

  • CalAb13

    #18 Peta to the rescue

  • Edaea_Sinid

    #15 I don't think it's such a good idea to own a pet just because The Chive made it popular to have them. And you "bought" a cat? I'm sure it was expensive but you should maybe have "got" one from the many animal associations that otherwise are forced to put them to sleep most of the times. But that's just me.

    • Kat

      I like that you're an animal activist! A lot of people "hate" cats because they see them as lazy and boring, kudos to TheChive for showing a different side 🙂 Chances are that Chiver did rescue the cat from a shelter and still had to pay some sort of fee. Regardless, the animal went home with a Chiver so it's going to have an awesome 9 lives! 😉

  • rburrillo

    No way…. #14 is my biology professor from Northern Arizona University! His name is Sylvester Allred, and he's the foremost expert on Southwestern squirrels (no, really) – look him up on Amazon.

  • John

    #18 Post something like that again and I will drop this site like a bad habit. Mac, I would have fired you for support animal cruelty.

  • Adam


    That's fucking mean! Although cats have a higher chance of surviving a terminal velocity fall than most other animals, it's true. Google it.

  • Anonymous

    #28 hey look boyz dis is da guy dat sez he dont boydz!

  • lil_slugger


    This was a shot taken by Dmitry Zherebtsov, his picture's posted on 500px in high def. in the editors choice section (just thought I would let you know there is a copyright on it so don't go getting in trouble!!)

  • Peter

    #14 Professor Alred at NAU!

  • Annie Marie Porter-Hlasnik

    #15 I believe your cat is from the Puss In Boots movie that always goes "Ooooooooh!" haha they're identical!

  • captain12pk

    #18 I hope that cat shit all over him on the way down, or at least pissed itself.

  • rromero

    #18 I actually don't even like cats because I'm allergic to them, but this can be considered as animal cruelty!! I hope the poor cat made it all the way down without having a heat attack, and then ran out from home and never return!!

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