Cat Saturday (31 Photos)

  • Anonymous

    18…damn, poor fucking cat. That’s not right. Why would someone do that?

  • May

    #15 such big cuuuute eyes! XD

  • doughy

    Paula is a douche

  • Shawn

    #18 Chive, i love you, but you shouldn't post stuff like that. Thats animal abuse.

  • Greg Stadler

    #28 That may be the only time a photo caption could read "the pussy was surrounded by 4 cocks" and no one would be offended by it.

  • Anonymous

    The guy in 18 should be taken out back and shot for forcing a cat to jump out of a plane with his dumb ass

  • Anonymous

    #18 should be taken out back and beat for forcing an unwilling animal that is strapped to his dumb ass to jump out of a plane… Eat a dick # 18 guy

  • Simone

    Usually I enjoy cat Saturday but I'm sorry no 18 is animal abuse plain and simple and you are sharing and endorsing it through linking this image

  • Chiver In Bio

    I always buy my cats…..there's no such thing as a free meal.

  • Vic

    Ah leave the chive alone they didnt throw the cat out of the plane ! Crazy guy with the kick ass cat straight jacket did . Atleast we know they will land on thier feet!

  • Anonymous

    I really enjoyed the pussy on 7, but 18 that dick should of been thrown out without a chute while the cat landed safely in the plane.

  • anitarose

    I don't like 18 at all, that's just plain cruel.

  • Nom Nom

    All you #18 haters, who says it wasn’t the cat jumping out of the plane with some poor guy strapped to him.

  • Da Sandman

    #18 not cool dude.. poor thing is scared shitless.. wouldn't surprise me if it had a heart attack on the way down

  • bse35

    Definitely cruelty should be arrested and brought to court for it

  • Anonymous

    No.18, at what point did that idiot believe that was a good idea? What a douch!

  • Jimmy Chadwick

    18 is hilarious… How many cats can say they have been skydiving!

  • JustCurious

    #15 What kind of cat is this?!?!?!?

  • fuzzybeard2016

    #17 Deadly cat fart in 3…2…1…

  • DunlapAlba

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  • MikeoDingo

    Unlike the majority or these people I believe #18 is puuurfectly alright. Just try and get that cat in the plane again, then see how fast that cat tears you a eye socket.

  • Bob Marlley

    So… you played with your pussy?

    • Cherie

      And my pink thing

  • Jay

    Me and my cat go sky diving all the time. He loves it

  • @danieljillm

    #18 was removed…why??? Y U NO LET ME SEE HORRIFIC CAT PIC?

  • bse35

    #16 can you come out to play?

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