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America loves winners: to the first owner-driver since Alan Kulwicki ('92), congrats Tony Stewart (30 Photos)

Yes, I know, not everyone is a fan of NASCAR. That being said, if you haven't been to a race, go to one. Trust me, it's a good time. In fact the title was suppose to be "America loves Tony Stewart and his hot girl friend" but through extensive research…I've learned that, that is a bit of a revolving door. Still, America loves winners and that is what Tony Stewart has accomplished for a third time.


  • etcrr

    he was an Indy car driver and winner first then went to Nascar. He took a bad team not placinng in the top 25 to a Sprint cup title in 3 years no small feat. Congrats

  • Neo

    racing is cool

  • Muadieb

    Awesome for a fellow Boilermaker!

    • Rick

      Columbus, IN

  • bse35

    Alan Kulwicki would be proud, conrgats Tony

  • Sandmonkey

    Isn't this what the throttles for?

    • Rick

      I couldn't decide which way to go on this one. Whether Nascar is or isn't your thing, it's an important part of America's culture so I decided to go Brigade.

  • PappyCrux

    Alan Kulwicki started the time honored tradition of taking the victory lap in the opposite direction. He called it the "Polish Lap".

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