• Bob

    I think I’m supposed to say first but it’s such a d- bag thing to do…,

  • Bob


  • Mike Hunt

    I have a hypothesis that beach volleyball doesnt need cheerleaders…

    • yoadrian

      I have a hypothesis that beach volleyball doesn't need the players, just the cheerleaders.

      • Elbie

        second that

        • Elbie

          wait no, female beach volleyball… I want both

          • Larry

            Beach volleyball, only sport where the players wear less clothing then the cheerleaders…

  • CalAb13

    Beach Volleyball cheerleaders? Really? Im not complaining but….. really?

    And the music is good but it just makes me think of that Chevy trucks commercial 😉

    • Cory

      If you're thinking about a truck while watching this then you got a problem.

      • CalAb13

        Well some of us can do two things at once………

  • larryb

    Holy fuck

  • Mullator

    Is it still bump set spike ?

  • Anonymous

    I (L) volleyball

  • G

    Bitches got ass

  • Big JR

    2:09 is a highlight! DAAAAAMN!!!

  • Mike Hunt

    I licked my dogs balls

  • Jon

    My God! That is all…

  • Magnus

    I have seen the top of the mountain, now I'm a fan of beach volleyball..

  • sketchent

    still prefer beach volleyball players

  • Lil b

    fap fap fap fap fap

  • Gedster

    Damned hot chicks. I just wish the chick at :39 didn’t part her teeth in the middle.

  • Anonymous

    Great! Now every time I listen to Johnny Cash, I’m gonna get a boner.

  • TGor

    Women's beach volleyball is the best sport to ever watch.

  • Anonymous

    Drooling everywhere. Oh wait, that’s not drool…….

  • Andre

    Jesus and Jerome! Why can’t all things with chicks in it be in slow motion?

    • etcrr

      agreed, I seem to recall a slow motion of Kate Upton walking the cat walk video in slow motion Holy mother of god both this are incredible

  • humble truth

    I need a cigarette and a cold shower after that.

  • GPandtheferg

    I hit play and nothing happens. This is extremely disappointing.

  • GPandtheferg

    I started my lawnmower but it broke when I ranover my cat.

    Extremely dissappointed in the lawnmower.

  • Ringo

    OMFG! 1:55

    *fap fap fap*

  • Jdeere

    Whoever made this video must be a magician, because when i watched this everything else disappeared.

  • etcrr

    amazing, simply amazing breath taking as well

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