It’s Monday, you could use some motivation (39 Photos)

  • rusty


    • rusty

      Let the thumbs down begin!! Great start to a Monday hahaha!

      • Joel

        Get a life.

  • SgtJyoung

    #15 needs to relocate to my couch

    • erised

      you spelled crotch wrong.

  • Bimbo..

    #13 they couldn't stand her saying "That's hot"…it's fucking Wu long tea it's supposed to be hot!

    • hMMMM

      i would so do her.

    • menace

      if only we could ban her from America

    • Chesty Laroo

      You know you are messed up when even Japan doesn't want you.

      p.s. if you need reference see any posts about Japan on this site. They will do just about anything, anything except for Paris H.

  • right

    #20 the best

    • VanIsleChiver

      ….yah she'll do….I s'pose 🙂

      • Screwhead317

        Its nice but its photoshopped

        • heywoodjablowme

          yeah… and??!!

        • 16inchzipper

          Not buying that. Show me the original then.

          • Screwhead317
            • @Kuetsar

              actually the original is much hotter. . . .

              • Rusty_Dreams

                Agreed. Original is much, much better. Want.To.Hit.That.

              • SeriouslyDude

                How?!?!?! Completely disagree…….. I like my women Voluptuous tho

            • Sam Jackson

              they're both great

    • Phox

      she has the weirdest boner…

      • ldeegan

    • its_forge

      Anybody else have girls built *just like this* on their Gymnastics team in high school?

    • Vanilla Gorilla

      This girl has a "PHAT AZZ"!!!

    • anon

      Bridgette Glass

  • Shannon Coverdale

    #7 trololol

  • Him.

    #32 THOSE EARRINGS….Fit perfectly for that girl.

    • ydodonutshave2die

      ugh give it a rest its not funny anymore

      • kaidoh101

        says the bieber fan

        • ecad

          i'm not a bieber fan, and i don't think it's funny. it's just tired. "HE LOOKS LIKE A GIRL"(for the 1,000,000th time), WE GET IT.

          • its_forge

            Additionally that "girl" knows what Selena Gomez's sweet pink bits taste like and none of the rest of us do, so maybe it's time for all of us to shut the hell up.

      • Meep.

        Leave bieber alone 😡 …lol..jk he's gay..

  • Bobby Gosbee

    #29 made me lol

    • MattKL

      Funny because it's true.

  • Kevin

    Thanks team, I am now ready for Monday!

  • All methed up

    Mad lolz today dood

  • Were

    #19 The sad part – they were, he/she/it was. Fucko.

    • Hunter X

      ummm….notice you'd have to OPEN the box to read the 'warning'?

      • The_Dood

        It may be one of those new boxes where the bottom half of the box is only 1/3 the height of the box.

    • Mito

      I think the sadder part is that whoever sued them actually won and they had to put that on the damn box.

    • dildo magoo

      beat me to it 😦

  • Maynard B.

    #13- Why does she tour anyway? It's not like she's talented or has anything to offer.

  • Teresa Rebecca Cunningham

    #39, Wolf is a dark skinned alien, adopted by Russian Jews, he would not kiss Hitler.
    …maybe Charlie Chaplin.

    • MattiasJ

      opposites attract maybe?
      You know, rebelling against your parents and all that…

    • MonkeyMadness


      • its_forge

        Posting from a phone I'll bet you anything. #autocorrect

    • Groggy

      Then again, I think few things would piss Hitler off more than being kissed by a dark-skinned alien adopted by Russian Jews.

      Smooches, Hitler. Smooches.

  • Dude

    #13 She had to cancel her asian tour…a tour for what? Did she record an album, or write a book, or star in a movie? Maybe I'm just getting old, but I always thought that to become famous you had to have some kind of skill or talent that "ordinary folks" could only wish they had. When did this cult of idiocy begin? Have we become so bored with our lives that people like Paris Hilton and the Kardashians can be famous just because they have rich dads? Why do "the masses" give a flying fuck about them? I really don't understand…

    • Frank

      So true, but this is not without a bit of humorous irony since noone has even been barred from entering Paris.

    • Lisa

      not that i don't agree with you, but her "tour" was for launching one of her fragrances or something like that. and now i am going to go kill myself for knowing that.

    • sadman

      When I was in Hong Kong, there were 20 foot tall pictures of he in the mall and her music was played on the sound system. My translator said the kids love her. So I would infer that she is the same as our Justin Beiber.

      • homegrown

        the youth of japan is fucked if all they have to look to for inspiration is paris hiltons twat

  • Doctor_What

    I guess anything makes theChive these days, huh? These are all awful.

    • Da Sandman


      • Guest

        Beats a gallery full of women shoving out their T & A while totally *not* being attention whores.

  • Brian

    #20 – amazing

    • its_forge

      Shopped but I certainly knew half a dozen or more girls on our gymnastics team built pretty much exactly like this. I think one of them is teaching at that school now. Probably has to turn sideways to get through a door. Sweet, sweet girl though ::sigh::

      • _fo__


        • its_forge

          ???? I am very unaware of any convention that recognizes remembering your high-school gymnastics team being attractive as "perverted." Wanna fill us all in on that?

  • chicago

    Even thechive is not immune to Mondays. I'm not feeling motivated by this post Chive.

  • ling

    #13 too bad she wasn't denied entry into the world and not just japan.

    • bse35

      send her back to her own planet

  • itsmeagain

    #15 Whoring ,she is doing it right.

    • TheMoose03

      I see nothing but good things in this picture.

    • The Chivery

      Of course. She's a Chivette.

      Chive on!

  • Anonymous

    Any one know who 20 is?

  • chive on

    #18 This guy is a loyal Chiver.

    • 0-908

      chivers aren't that cool.

  • its_forge

    #34 That`s me !!

    • its_forge

      ^^^ some other jagoff

  • yeahyeah

    #32 Still not as gay as the the chive fanboys who get their panties in a bunch if you say anything against their precious site/members.

    • ImpressMe

      Really…..if you don't like the site why do you come here? Ohhhhhh thats right……. trolls have nothing better to do than bitch. I bet you're Occupying something right now with all your job-free time……probably your moms basement.

      • itstooeasy

        Thanks for proving the initial statement.

    • the truth

      THANK YOU!

  • Pokepoke

    #35 , is wrong, its sposed to be HADOUUUUUUUKEN

    • Anonymous

      Doesnt matter laughed my ass off anyway. 🙂

  • dashete

    #36 and did massive amounts of drugs.

    Bela Lugosi, what a legend.

  • AlexJ225

    #32 Yep, most definitely they do

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