Let no duckface go unpunished (46 Photos)

  • squirrel

    Really quacks me up…

  • Auz_E

    #36 "Sorry, these underpants have been removed" pic, K GO!!!


    #31 is the best pic with help from the bar

    • Jondamnit

      #41… Halloween… Fun times!

  • angelcurry1077

    27 scares me.

  • Andy Valentine


  • Franklin1138

    Some of these chicas have earned the right to duckface. Most have not, and if you're a dude doing duckface, you warrant a cockpunch.

  • Dude

    Stop it! Just…no!

  • Dan

    I believe she’s jerking off the horse.

  • Jg

    You shouldn’t have insulted Daffy like that Chive

  • Allenavw

    #43 I love it when the guy does the duckface in the picture and the chick doesn't. It just highlights their douchebaggery even more.

  • anticubicle

    It's ok everyone. This fad will die out in a few more years….I hope.

  • Jeff

    #13 Danika Patrick duckface?

    • jeff


  • Anonymous

    12- I want to drop loads inside you

  • Anonymous

    41 you suck

  • natalia37

    #27 is that even a human on the right?

  • Everybody

    This is too graphic!

  • Alexgm

    #31, need more of her.

  • dddd

    this chick is the definition of ugly duck face!!!

  • Clay

    #1…upper right hand…very hot! Even duckfaced!

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