Natural beauty, Valeria Sokolova (50 photos)

  • ukulelemike

    This girl need a sandwich or two!

  • Glory Glory

    She's a skinny blond broad with no chest. Please explain what is great about this?

  • Smack76

    Too thin no boobs meh………..

  • Bloo

    Anorexia is scary. I’d take a hot thicker girl over a hot thinner girl any day.

  • The El-conquistador

    Eat a godamed sandwich and pluck them Sasquatch ass eyebrows….

  • DsunFresh

    U guys are messed up. Tits aren’t the only thing a girl has that makes her beautiful.

  • Vinny

    Y’all are a bunch of a-holes just because she isn’t flaunting herself everywhere makes her un attractive ? D-bags. She is beautiful and u wouldn’t know beauty if she hit u in the face and made u her bitch

  • Dan Deller

    what're you chive guys smoking up there? not impressive at all, you guys need to get out more…

  • bobby

    Very cute. to thin to much hair. My dick isnt all that thrilled.

  • dontneednosammage

    hey, she is not "too skinny." maybe for some, but everyone has their own tastes. too skinny is allegra versace, poor girl, she really is sick. quit hating on people who can't help how they look. and her tatas look good. in 20 years her Tas won't be hanging around her navel like two extra arms, blech.

    • Da Sandman

      dude.. ‘people who can’t help how they look’…? nobody is skinny like that without keeping a strict diet

  • Grant Cowling

    meh. My Mums hotter…

  • maboze1x

    #33 I think the dolphin just came! 🙂

  • tylermacias


    Dat Face!

  • skinny aint bad.

    #24 is funny, maybe she wants a butt like theirs? #33 save from kissing fish, kiss me.

  • doctorgonzomd

    Can you imagine how long it takes her to get ready to go out!? It's gotta be astronimcal….

  • Da Sandman

    she’s cute, but WAY to skinny… nice tush though

  • Ludo006

    Natural anorexic girl ^^ Really don't like her.! She seems to be about to loose an arm!!

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  • Anonymous

    The sexiest part of this was the Ducati

  • Fapmaster

    cut the creepy super long hair and eat a sammich and she would really be hot.

  • Danr

    #24 she is thinking..
    "what an above average ass looks like on a real woman who eats, works, and lives close to mormal looks like"

  • LLD

    She is beautiful and has great hair and skin, etc., but too thin, too serious, and we get the point with about 5 pics, not 50!

  • Munyshot

    What’s with the electrical tape on her forehead?

  • http://Yeahbrah! Matt

    …… And God said, “let there be chesticles!”
    …… And then there was…..
    The end

  • ku2tca86

    Is this real life?

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