Shay Maria is the Chivette Calendar Cover Girl (7 Photos + Calendar First-Look)

One year in the making, the fist ever Chivette Calendar is finished. All of your favorite Chivettes made the trek to Venice Beach just for one reason - to capture that one magical photo for the Chivers. Thanks to all our amazing Chivettes for making this possible. It was an experience I'll never forget.

Tomorrow beginning at 9 am PST you'll be able to pre-order the Chivette Calendar for one day only. Everybody who places an order tomorrow will be guaranteed to receive the calendar! However, if you don't order tomorrow, we can't guarantee you'll get one for the main launch (about a week from today). As y'all know, these things tend to go pretty fast.

Shay Maria stopped by the office on Saturday to see the calendar for herself and we had a nice impromptu photoshooot. Shay wanted me to thank all the Chivers for their support this year and all the 'Chive Ons'.

Stay tuned for a very special Sarah Jay shoot tomorrow to celebrate the launch.

  • Jason Dean

    #7 – Isn't she from Buena Park? Shay, wanna go to Knott's Berry Farm with me?

  • tony

    Might be a dumb question but is theChivery going to be the only place you can purchase this calendar? Or will those awesome calendar stores going to have these?

  • Adam

    Is she photoshopped?

  • CalAb13

    #6 A FINE choice and Im not just sayin that cause of the sideboob

  • chicago

    #7 Shay – is a great babe for the cover! She's now "the body" of theChive. There better be a shot of her Hump someplace in that calendar too.

  • youfailinlife

    Money ,the only way the chivers can get women or atleast jerk off to their pics.

  • Ali

    She doesn’t look like a chivette, this calendar is no different than any other

    • mouchette


  • SwingoutScott

    #6 Good God! While I do miss her old larger bazooms, she still is as tasty as the come. Well done, Chive, and well done, Shay. You are a rock star!

  • Uncle Cedar

    meh, looks like every other chick in every other calendar on the shelf.

  • Takingbackcider

    It falls under both Want and Need! 🙂

  • bkfrijoles

    #5 so excited about this Calender

  • etcrr

    very hot, very sweet woman , very Cool Calender

  • nixt3r

    How about selling a digital version in E-Reader/printable format?

  • faptastic

    bending over.. she has a D cup..standing up.. she has a B cup

    tube boobs.. I think I will pass

    • faptastic
    • Really?

      Really people? Aren't Chivettes supposed to be about showing that real women are beautiful too? Yet you are nitpicking over every little flaw. If you want a plastic girl with fake tits and a fake ass then buy a Playboy.

  • JOHN

    I don't trust women that don't smile enough. See: Kate Bosworth

  • gary

    ill buy it if it isn't super overpriced.

  • Guest

    Ahh Yes.. new wallpaper. No.. no glue won't be a necessity…

  • JB Davis

    She is Master of the Tease!

  • Forfunone

    Lets just hope someone new orders the calendars so they are actually in stock so we can buy them. Chive, we will buy if you stock them. Dont let the calendar be like the Chive tees that have been out of stock forever. ORDER MORE STOCK. Chive on from Chicago!!

  • the frenchman


  • theMess1ah10

    What. A. Babe.

  • Anonymous

    So what maybe a time frame of 2 min for being sold out….

  • Wildaas

    You guys should get Shay to autograph each one of the pre-orders…maybe have her write a personal note or something…like "to Bob…with love Shay" something like that. Short…nothing drawn out and wordy. Don't want the poor girl's hand to fall off.

  • Woah

    I love creepy girls

  • Porgy

    Her boobs are sloppy, but hey – she’s bangable

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