Some celebs just get sexier with age (26 Photos)

  • David

    #24 FAIL!!

    • go man go

      I agree, nichole richie still doesnt look good!

    • matt

      She has never been sexy and never will be.

  • lynch

    jennifer aniston. please be my wife.

    • ieatit

      the only one on the list the title applies to

  • boll

    whole lotts dudes in this post chive

    • HGrow

      That's because girls look at these posts too…

    • BigHate

      That's because most women don't look better as they age.

    • Brah

      This Chivette enjoys appreciates all the guys in this post, particularly Clive Owen and Ryan Gosling.

  • nepster

    #17 is one sexy dude.

    • elbruces

      Ha ha ha! It's so funny to me when people on the Internet call lesbians "dudes," like the joke is you can't tell the difference! Oh man, that is never going to get old. I laugh every time. Keep it up, "dude!"

      • derp de derp

        are you saying he's a lesbian, or just calling him dude?

      • Nepster

        Don't get your panties in a wad Portia… I said your man was hot didn't I?

      • Ken

        little touchy, huh?

    • Green Mountain Bot

      I'd do her.

  • JDub

    It’s good to be a guy, we nirksome get better looking w age! Can’t say the same for chicks, sry

  • kigero

    #17 really? Just no

  • Jay

    No plastic surgery and $1000/hr personal trainers involved.

  • Boner City

    Those dudes are sexier!

  • Doug

    I'd say plastic surgery has a lot to do with it as well.

    • Franklin1138

      At least with the women. It's rare that I see men with plastic surgery, unless your name is Tom Petty or Paul McCartney. Or Bruce Jenner. And then it's only when the surgeon has totally fucked your face up.

    • Maytrix

      Change in style has a lot to do with it as well too. Many of the outfits in the older pictures were in style at the time and looked good then whereas today they just look awful.

    • evihc

      some celebs just get plastic surgery-ier with age

  • misschris

    Wow some of them were kinda doofy looking when they were younger *cough cough* #10 AND #15

    • Jvee Veneracion

      Hey, Hugh Laurie was a British institution before he ever became Greg House. You think that's doofy? Go search vids in youtube of A Bit of Frye and Laurie, and Blackadder.

      • SwingoutScott

        But he capitalized on Jim Carrey-esque (but better) rubber face contortions and generally bizzare reactions. I'd say he certainly used a goofy appearance to his advantage. I'm sure he could be quite dapper, but he generally wasn't.

        • max

          Dude, Hugh Laurie was in comedy a looong time before Jim Carrey.

          • SwingoutScott

            Max, I didn't say that Hugh Laurie stole from Jim Carrey. I was explaining to the Chive collective, who I presume are mostly familiar with American humor, what Hugh Laurie's comedy style was. Please read and engage brain before you go negative.

  • Adam

    Amazing what plastic surgery can do

    • Devisdated One

      Or when they're not wearing 80's clothing and hair.

  • Mike

    This should read Better with Money, not age!!!

  • Barry Switzer

    Is it age that makes them look better, or evolving fashion trends?

  • Tony

    Is it wrong that I would totally have sex with Helen Mirren?

    • SimonPhoenix

      Not at all . .I actually think she looks WWWWAAAAYY sexier as an older more mature woman than when she was younger .. can't really say the same for the rest of the women.

    • Huzzah

      Be with a classy lady, for once.

    • zighawk73

      Helen Mirren is one of the few celebs that I would say I would pack a lunch for from the time she hit the scene right up until now. It's just not right how sexy that woman is at her age.

      • PianoFingers

        I'm with you – except that it IS right how sexy she keeps being. She has always had a killer body – but her most sexy asset is her mind. She's not like yearning for attention, confirmation and approval, she just knows how fun it is to have mindblowing sex.

        Now THAT, young people, is a role model.

  • B Line (@asylumstudio)

    Getting more ripe with old age…..

  • carl

    #1 #22 way sexy, #11… not so much

  • Dude

    Well, most just had to learn how to dress and do their hair

    #26 was hot either way tbh

    • TheMoose03

      Hotter now.

  • stuart

    They look better because their clothes don't look like hand me downs

  • Casey


  • spoon chest

    This post should be titled "Celebrities who ditch old 80's fashion and have plastic surgery"

  • Laquesha

    Perhaps just having stylists and picking out the worst and best pictures helped.

  • Chris

    Should be "Some Celebs just get Sexier with Increased Financial Resources and Improved Cosmetic Surgery"

  • Money

    Yeah… "age"

  • XOS2

    stop stealing Emily's posts

  • Steve

    #19 Ah Sheryl……you have always been EPIC!

    • Brutal Deluxe

      Until we learned she only uses one square of toilet paper to wipe her ass. Now I can't look at her without thinking the back of that dress is a rich brown color.

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