Some fans are devoted for life (23 Photos)

  • JOHN

    Hey remember how people were appalled by what the KIDS were doing two posts ago?

  • etcrr

    WHY? I just don't get it, never will I suppose. One of the greatest mysteries to me

  • Anonymous

    Larry bird tattoo! Now i can die ive seen it all!

  • JB Davis

    how sad…

  • VJ_1

    Scary and sad…but mostly sad.

  • Leonel_LyL

    American football is rubbish, why ruin your body with tattoos about it?

  • andrew

    #20 His manpurse looks like a vagina with a mustache

  • Nurther

    #20 What is that guy holding?

  • Anonymous

    #2, im pretty sure thats a fake tattoo sleeve.

  • Dayna

    #6, #16, #20
    God Bless Bronco Fans!!!

  • NoFear213


  • Tek257

    #9 As a Braves that is an awesome tattoo.

    • Sirilo

      Ste??a [??cs] Posted on I’m not a big fan of Kantrell Ann but I think thatChantal Ann, Katia Ann, or Karina Ann sound greogous!Hm, how about these exotic names for girls:Marit /muh-REET/ means pearlKatia /kat-YA/ means pureNaira /nay-RAH/ means large eyesVasara /vuh-suh-RA/ means summerKaja /kah-YAH/ means echoIsla /EYE-lah/ means beautiful paradiseLaila /lay-luh/ (:

  • bse35

    complete and utter loones

  • Anonymous

    How gay to have another mans name tattooed on your back

  • nitrox

    #11 Braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiin!!!

  • thadious

    Man, whatever happened to the MOM tatoo or a skull or a hot sexy mermaid?

  • SoopDoog

    Oh you silly Americans. The great distraction hit you hard didn’t it?

  • Anonymous

    Why does the last pic not surprise me?

  • Chase Patt

    #20 I'm more focused on the pink vagina bag..

  • eyecandyforoldladies

    That is some good art.though

  • Sergio Rocha


  • Bexter

    I’ll take “forgettable tattoos” for 200, Alex. Geez wtf are these people thinking?’

  • passwordistaco

    #9 That's a leg?? Get that guy a cheeseburger.

  • ch.dth.ns.nufsaid

    can't top chuck norris! he has a tatoo of himself that has a tatoo of himself throat punching a tatoo of himself!

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