Boy and his BFF python. Somebody get this kid a dog (14 Photos)

  • Maximiliaanvdv

    #3 Like a Boss!

  • Boner

    This seems legit.

  • Andre

    & they said the jungle book wasn’t real.

    Psh, people just wanna see the world burn.

  • Tunahead

    That kid…

    Is the Original Voldemort my friends.

  • Phred

    Voldemort's last horcrux. That is all.

  • dsparob

    Somebody please make a Cambodian Badass t-shirt!!!

  • Anonymous

    Cool snake bro!

  • Leonel_LyL

    And you Yanks call foreigners pussies! Hahaha.

  • Dan E

    Even if the snake eventually eats the kid it's gonna be hungry again in an hour.

  • @BenjaminJPG

    Quoted from the description: "one day that boy is going to wake up and eat that snake whole." Hahahaha the boy is gonna eat the snake? Bob are you taking bets?

  • Jim

    Young Voldemort

  • Anonymous

    #9 and not a single fuck was given that day

  • http://what james

    The boy will NEVER eat the snake. Stop imagining that this wild creature can be domesticated like a dog. One day that phu**ing snake will swallow that kid HEAD FIRST. Think it can’t happen? That snake is a constictor – and can swallow a man – and that means head first and can open its jaws wide enough to get past an adult’s shoulders.

  • Guest

    I agree with etcrr. As long as it's well fed he'll be fine.

  • Guest

    OOPS! Regarding #4. As long as it's well fed (like etcrr said), should be fine.

  • Iris Diaz (@WhatsErName6128)

    #7 not a single fuck was given today

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  • kitsi

    1 day will be 1 day…

  • lalindseylove

    I want one! His name would be Gus.

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  • Oneday Funindubai

    u know guys a human can take revenge but animal never if u feeds once they will never forget u.

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