Daily Afternoon Randomness (48 Photos)

I'm adding this late to the DAR. Fellow Chiver Josh Krajcik just performed on The X Factor. He was amazing tonight. Go here and vote for a great talent and a great guy with such a supportive family (what's up Zack). Vote for Josh right here.

  • Keith_D

    #2- Oh, how amazing it would be to wake up next to that every morning
    #33- Um, what weight are you referring to?
    #47 / #48- Wow… That is all

  • Rich

    I ate my best friend because i'm hot and i do what i want.

  • Timmy

    i#44.. sang to..a banana..because i was high

  • Smitty

    I sang to my nieghbor because I hot and I do what I want.

  • Kelsey

    In #5 I thought that was a vag in the bottom right corner at first…

    • The bung one!!

      I think it may be a vag!?

  • Ab

    I danced w/ a homeless guy b/c I’m hot & I do what I want

  • The bung one!!

    #44 I ate a homeless guy cuz that’s what I do!

  • TravisH

    Its ok if #36 is cross eyed. She's still smokin hot.

  • Jake

    #33…..You've gotta be fuckin' kidding me………..

  • Dan williams

    #48 no boobs n hairy arms. The rest is nice

  • twistr25

    New weekly post – Hair bra! Brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rissa

    #44 wanted to play but not wearing a shirt 😦

  • DeepestBlue2

    44 I shot a homeless guy because I’m hot and I do what I want…

  • tagbadger


    Your boyfriend is a f_ing a_hole if he thinks you need to lose weight.

  • 1kissbee

    Turns out I shot an ipod because I was high.

  • VanIseChiver

    #47 nice breasts

  • Anonymous

    I smacked a DVD player because that’s how I roll

  • vitobonespur

    Pic #3 (amongst several others) is incredibly erotic. I believe I may go back to bed for a while and try to start the day over again…

  • vitobonespur

    #5 looks like she threw up a little bit in the back of her mouth.

  • Luis

    I smacked myself because i was high xD

  • Always Last


  • http://www.facebook.com/autonomyvfx Ryan Joel

    #33 Really… What?

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