• t-spoon17

    1:37 "classroom pop"



  • Chris

    Yaaaayyyyy natural selection!

  • johnny

    some people are stupid and should not be allowed to touch a gun.. yeah it was funny but i seriously hope nobody was killed in this display of stupidity and lack of respect for guns

  • Alex

    A recipe for instant black eye. "Just at one part douchbag and one part stupid. Mix gently through and top with a weapon of your choice

  • Rouns

    they have got to be the pick of the litter, an they walk among us.. real brilliant

  • RBW

    90%+ of those featured people didn't use saftey glasses or hearing protection. And I'm sure that most did not have the proper training or saftey courses. As a responsible gun enthusiast, I'm disappointed, but hey, stupidity is a disease. Darwin keeps fighting for a cure!

  • boomheadshot

    Alternate title could be the Darwin Awards

  • !S!WCRTESTINPUT000000!E!


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  • Ray T

    My god i hope these peolpe don't reproduce

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