I hate my job (24 Photos)

  • http://twitter.com/myblueharry Loretta Castorini (@myblueharry)

    Oops, make that #20. Dummy:)

  • bse35

    #3 what a dork

  • Guest

    #24—EXCELLENT!!!! I think I'll do that!

  • Anonymous

    Where did number 5 come from? It looks like a Halliburton pump truck, I work
    On those all day!

  • Steve the retard

    I microwave my stapler every Fucken day! Sorry that you’re not allowed to.

  • Cheat Alert!

    Fuck you, Arktik you're a cheat!

    That's right, I said it!

    • Buzz Lightbeer

      You are a sad, strange little man, and you have my pity.

  • Anonymous

    8- not a single fuck is given about your apathy…y are u on my chive? Goddamit! Get these nobodys outta here!

  • Anonymous

    12-its called “i hate my job” and this jack-hole is playing warfare at work…you Sr., a douch nozzle. Please go enlist and get some real warfare on…pussy

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  • etcrr

    WTF happen to him? Call bicycle repairman( monty python), you'd have a better chance of surviving

    • Sleep_Salone

      What the fuck are you talking about now, Stan? Fucking idiot.

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