Sarah Jay returns to theCHIVE to launch the Chivette calendar (40 HQ Photos)

The very first limited-edition Chivette calendar is finally available for pre-sale right here. The first Chivette you'll see when you open the Chivette calendar is the lovely Sarah Jay. When I first called Sarah to see if she'd like to be a part of the calendar, she seemed excited but a little confused.

After the call I received an email from Sarah asking me if it's possible that I'd contacted the wrong Sarah to be a part of the calendar. Sarah went on to explain that she'd never modeled in her life, she was just sending in photos to be supportive of theCHIVE, and it's totally fine if I'd mixed my Sara's up, it's a common name after all.

After I convinced Sarah there was no confusion, she came in and took one of the most stunning photos you'll see in the calendar. It was great to have have Sarah back. You could see she had so much more confidence in herself this time around. When I commented on it, Sarah immediately credited the Chivers for their encouragement and support on the first shoot,

"I'd never done anything like this before. I'd never even had my makeup professionally done. It felt great. Most of us Chivettes are not models, we're normal girls. Then the Chivers were so supportive in the comments. I have to say, this experience has really changed my life."

Enjoy Sarah Jay, presented today without a stitch of photoshop.

The limited-edition Chivette calendar is available right here. Beginning now until Midnight PST, everybody who orders a copy is guaranteed to receive a calendar. When we officially launch the calendar sometime in the next 10 days we cannot guarantee everybody who wants one will get one, you know how fast these things go. Enjoy the Chivettes!

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  • crothel

    #31 & #35 along with the rest were amazing!

    • Dowap!

      Damn, she got big feet…

      • Sarah Jay

        for a small girl, i really do! but they take me where i need to go :]

  • Clint Smith

    I wasn't sure if i was going to buy a calendar or not until I saw these. Just ordered one and through in a pint glass for the hell of it.

    #39 #25

  • p1babyarm

    #40 #31 #27 #3 My favorite Chivette, no disrespect to LG or Dylan but Sarah Jay takes the cake with that smile, epic FLBP and a breathtaking hump not mention her affinity for FPS.

  • techno_viking

    #31 and #35 You're incredible….

  • Sarah Jay

    Thank you for all of your very flattering comments. Chivers are the shit. I had so much fun doing all of this. I never could have imagined that writing "Hi Chive" on a post-it would lead to all of this. I hope you all like the calendar! Keep calm, and of course, Chive the fuck on.

    • Do0zer

      It seems the hate trolls are out in full force today. Anyways, beautiful spread Sarah! Thanks!

    • Lowrent75

      Nope. Thanks to you.

    • denise

      Sarah, you rock. One of my favorite galleries ever. You deserve all the love you've got coming your way 🙂

    • user87

      come to chicago!! haha

    • BakedGhost

      you are fucking amazing simply put.

  • sixdeadelves

    #12 remember when John was a retarded deputy on true blood

    • Paul

      Remember Spock and Capt kirk?

    • The Neighbor

      He still is a retarded deputy as far as I am concerned

  • Impressed like wow

    Once upon a time,……..HOT!!!

  • CosmoKramerTheAssMan

    Thank you for not using Photoshop. Being au naturel is the way to go.

  • theyhateme


  • Chris

    #3 & #19 wow., but they are all great.

  • jrey81

    #27, #28 #31 #39… wow. Bright Smile, Great Body, gorgeous hair, sense of humor… Sarah Jay is now my fav Chivette….

  • Adam_R

    Preordered at 9:01, PST. Can. Not. Wait. Now I just have to hope my boss won't be pissed when I hang it in my office. 😀

  • Drizzy Drake

    I saw the blue vein on her boobs… Cccccombo Bbbbbreaker!

  • tizsm

    #21 and #34 are some great shots

  • b0wjanglez

    #4 #7
    I love your smile Sarah

  • user87

    shooo with these hi res pics, i just made my own 12 month custom calendar of the lovely sarah jay!! ( shes worthy of her own calendar!! dont worry i bought 2 shirts so were even on the $9 shipping that took 3 weeks to get!! CHIVE ON

  • Blybrook

    I was going to order one, but the shipping was more than the calendar! Can't ya'll ship with USPS and save us from UPS rates? Alaska gets screwed with UPS!!!

  • sandi

    #38 YES! Punch a bend into douchebags hat

  • seattlereign


  • Thumper

    Amazingly beautiful smile. She just brightened my day a little more.

  • Brian


    That's it. I officially hate my job now because I do not work at the Chive. Damn

  • Seth

    I wish getting your tees was as easy as ordering a calendar…….

    especially the keep calm shirts!

    (hint hint)

  • chivers of the world

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful smile and body with us humble chivers.
    #3, #4

  • CalAb13

    #4 I will PAY you to do that job

  • CalAb13

    #5 I will PAY you to do that job

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