Sarah Jay returns to theCHIVE to launch the Chivette calendar (40 HQ Photos)

The very first limited-edition Chivette calendar is finally available for pre-sale right here. The first Chivette you'll see when you open the Chivette calendar is the lovely Sarah Jay. When I first called Sarah to see if she'd like to be a part of the calendar, she seemed excited but a little confused.

After the call I received an email from Sarah asking me if it's possible that I'd contacted the wrong Sarah to be a part of the calendar. Sarah went on to explain that she'd never modeled in her life, she was just sending in photos to be supportive of theCHIVE, and it's totally fine if I'd mixed my Sara's up, it's a common name after all.

After I convinced Sarah there was no confusion, she came in and took one of the most stunning photos you'll see in the calendar. It was great to have have Sarah back. You could see she had so much more confidence in herself this time around. When I commented on it, Sarah immediately credited the Chivers for their encouragement and support on the first shoot,

"I'd never done anything like this before. I'd never even had my makeup professionally done. It felt great. Most of us Chivettes are not models, we're normal girls. Then the Chivers were so supportive in the comments. I have to say, this experience has really changed my life."

Enjoy Sarah Jay, presented today without a stitch of photoshop.

The limited-edition Chivette calendar is available right here. Beginning now until Midnight PST, everybody who orders a copy is guaranteed to receive a calendar. When we officially launch the calendar sometime in the next 10 days we cannot guarantee everybody who wants one will get one, you know how fast these things go. Enjoy the Chivettes!

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  • Andy Valentine

    #6 – I can understand that face

  • wowza

    No photoshop needed. Sarah you look amazing!

  • DaveK


  • Daniel Solis

    Already preordered my calendar!

    Chivettes are the best !

  • Andrew Lane

    I know you’re hot and all, but dude was a little grabby, don’t you think?

  • jdfish2279

    #22 Absolutely stunning! Thank you Sarah!

  • chicago

    #21 Smooch.

  • jdfish2279

    I also would LOVE to have that picture hanging up in #1 ,because he TOTALLY redeems himself.

  • Chris Dalcour

    #15 Medusa :p

  • Mouchette

    Of course it’s limited edition; that tag needs to be applied to everything.

  • Taylor Murphy

    just wondering if the cheapest shipping is $12 for all chive items for anyone else in the central new mexico area because that's ridiculous

    • Blybrook

      Be happy you got it that cheap! Their system wants $23.50 to ship it to Alaska! That is ABSURD! UPS rates are killing their sales!

  • brent

    #23 the wrong thing is in focus

  • guest

    i didnt mind paying 15 bux for a calender but refuse to pay the exact same cost for SHIPPING!!!

  • thomaswildchild

    Christmas came early! Snagged mine up!

    Sara lookin’ good!!!

  • RMB

    #24 lovein that smile!

  • will

    #31 might be the hottest photo……..ever

    • please

      Get a life.

      • will

        youre troll'n on a web site youre the one that needs a life boss

    • Kyle

      But you see her feet, no one wants to see someones feet.

      • Rexasaurus

        Rex Ryan likes feet.

    • Dan

      Nike better pay this young lady. She is hotter than any model they have right now.

    • Always Last

      Man! Her tatts are so unique too!!! Irony is not for the un-ironic.

  • sergio

    #10 pmsl at mac…lol

  • bmw11585

    Wow #25 #35

  • theyhateme

    i reckon the chive office steam trained her, one in one out filling her internal system with sausage water…….only letting her up to scroll the DAR……..Y U NO FIND YET. #3

  • Tony Colangelo

    I would do terrible things for her. My oh my.

  • Vanilla Gorilla

    Fuckin' A, Sarah Jay! #19 and #26


    she purty, i wanna sop her up wid a biskit.

  • Jonas Moon

    Can I get the #1 at 1920 x 1080 for my PC?

  • Mr Vock

    I'm in LOVE!!

  • Dylan

    $13.73 for a $14.99 calendar? Come on – use USPS & charge $2.50.

    • Jg

      I bet her ass tastes like vanilla ice cream

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